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Solar on Warehouses: Large, Flat Rooftops are Ideal

Solar on Warehouses: Large, Flat Rooftops are Ideal Large, flat rooftops are ideal conditions for solar PV.  Warehouses, superstores, shopping centres and distribution centres offer an incredible opportunity for solar on their sunny rooftops, generating energy and reducing emissions. In Australia, the rooftops of many warehouses are without solar.  Commercial and industrial solar has yet […]

6 Reasons Landlords Love Solpod

Solpod is favoured by landlords as we offer a unique redeployable rooftop solar solution which sets us apart from standard solar.  Here are 6 reasons why landlords love Solpod. 1.  Happy Commercial Tenants Customers benefit from rooftop solar through reduced power bills, at a time of escalating electricity prices. Building tenants are also satisfied knowing […]

How Solar Energy Can Save Your Business Money in the Face of Rising Electricity Prices

Australia’s electricity prices are set to soar by at least 35% in 2023. Meaning that businesses will be paying significantly more for their energy. The answer may seem simple. Small to medium businesses should look to start saving with renewable energy to cut costs while also reducing their carbon footprint. But while the benefits of […]

Solpod Powers Allianz Stadium, the Home of Football in Sydney

Sydney Super Cup at Allianz Stadium  Allianz Stadium, the home of football in Sydney, is kicking goals with their 176 kWp Solpod solar system.  The first game of the Sydney Super Cup was recently held on Thursday 17 November at the newly constructed Allianz Stadium in Sydney. At Solpod we have been very excited to […]

3 Million + Rooftop Solar Systems Installed in Australia

More than 3 Million Rooftop Solar Systems Installed in Australia Australia has installed 3.27 million solar PV systems with a combined capacity of 28.2 gigawatts as of September 2022, reported the Australian PV Institute.   These three million rooftop solar systems have been installed on 1 in 4 houses and many commercial buildings across Australia. The […]

Reduce Your Power Bill With Solpod Rental

Reduce Your Exposure to Escalating Energy Costs with Solpod Rental Australia is grappling with an energy price crisis. Consumers are being subject to rising electricity costs with high prices expected to continue through the winter.  Businesses can better withstand the financial impact of this turbulent time by reducing power bills with rooftop solar. James Larratt, […]

Rooftop Solar PV Set to Surge Over the Next Three Years

Rooftop Solar to Reach 94.7 GW The increasing uptake of rooftop solar continues to be predicted by energy research and forecasters.  Rystad Energy predicts rooftop solar PV will surge over the next three years, and will reach 94.7 gigawatts around the globe. Rystad Energy reports that since 2016, there has been a rapid increase in […]