Colonial Brewery Calls for Victorian Emissions Targets

Solpod Solar Installation at Colonial Brewery

Solpod completed a 100kWp rooftop solar installation for Colonial Brewery in Port Melbourne in late 2020. The ABC featured Colonial Brewery’s solar installation in recent reporting that reveals businesses are keen to adopt renewables.

The ABC reported on the 28/01/21 about Colonial Brewery:  “It recently installed 100 kilowatts of solar panels on its Port Melbourne brewery and is urging the Government to set the interim targets to help fight climate change and provide confidence to businesses.”

Colonial Brewery has adopted rooftop solar to help reduce its carbon emissions and electricity costs.  The ABC News Victoria reported: “Brewing is an energy intensive business.  Beer is heated and cooled throughout the process. So three months ago the Colonial Brewery installed rooftop solar in the bid to do its bit and reduce bills.”

Solpod offers innovation in its solar product range, making it easier for businesses to adopt solar. Solpod developed the world’s first redeployable solar, with leasing solar available through Solpod Rental.   Customers also value Solpod’s rapid solar installs.  Solpod completed the Colonial Brewery installation of pods in only one day.

Ash Hazell, the Head Brewer at Colonial Brewery said of Solpod’s efficient installation:  “The pods that they build mean they can be installed in a single day which is really important to us because it won’t disrupt our production.”


Rooftop Solar on Colonial Brewery,Installed by Solpod

Business Demand for Victorian Emissions Targets

The commercial sector is keen for greater certainty about Victorian emissions targets to help guide investment.  The ABC Victoria News reported:

“The Premier is being pressed to set emissions targets for 2025 and 2030 to give businesses certainty to invest and to prevent Victoria falling behind the rest of the world on climate action. The government missed its own deadline of March last year for setting interim targets needed to reach net emissions by 2050. Now that Victoria’s second wave has calmed, businesses are urging the premier to get on with it.”

Colonial Brewery is owned by the Morris Group.  Haley Morris spoke to the ABC on behalf of the Morris Group: “When we have got a runway of activity ahead of us, and we have got confidence about the targets, it definitely gives us the confidence to make investment decisions.”

If you missed our short video on the Colonial Brewery installation, including interviews with Ash Hazell and James Larratt, CEO of Solpod, see here:

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