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If you are a business in Sydney’s Inner West Council, we invite you to register your interest here.



Inner West businesses special offer

No installation fee or minimum term for Solpod rentals is currently on offer for Inner West businesses. 

Solpod systems can be rented or purchased outright.  Outright purchases can qualify for the Instant Asset Write-Off through the Australian Tax Office. See solar incentives for more information.


Solpod’s World First Relocatable Rooftop Solar Solution

Supporting Australian solar innovation

Council’s Office of Renewable Energy Innovation is showcasing Solpod, the world-first relocatable rooftop solar solution, as part of its Go Solar program. Solpod received the Most Innovative Solar Solution award at the 2019 Solar Cutters Award.  

Solpod is an Australian-designed and assembled solar system. The Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) funded trials across commercial and office properties, before its launch in  2019.  One of the trial sites was GPT’s Norton Plaza, Leichhardt.

It’s the first time that rooftop solar systems have been prefabricated, which helps with quality control and reduces time on site. The “solar pods” do not penetrate the roof, and can be redeployed if a business moves or a property is sold.

View the 40 minute program overview recording filmed with the Solpod team on Friday, 27 November 2020.

A win-win for landlords and tenants

The Solpod system allows commercial building owners to increase tenant security while tenants benefit from lower energy costs with its innovative features:

  • Non-penetrating system that won’t void roof warranties fixed to roofs by industrially certified adhesive feet or roof clamps
  • Availability of short term leases (less than 5 years);
  • Relocatable system It can be removed for use at another site;
  • Streamlined profile to achieve minimal wind loads

It offers a solution for businesses unable to commit to a traditional solar investment because they may relocate, or can’t get permission to screw holes in the roof to attach a solar array. It also breaks down barriers for property owners concerned about changes that might void the roof warranty. 

This allows Solpod to offer commercial landlords and tenants no minimum term solar rental at rates below what they would pay when buying electricity from the grid.


What types of businesses can benefit from Solpod?

Commercial or industrial businesses with metal roofs and decent daytime electricity use:

  • commercial shopping centres
  • cold storage
  • supermarkets
  • food manufacturing
  • commercial office buildings



If you are a business in Sydney’s Inner West Council, we invite you to register your interest here.