Reduce Your Power Bill With Solpod Rental

Reduce Your Exposure to Escalating Energy Costs with Solpod Rental

Australia is grappling with an energy price crisis. Consumers are being subject to rising electricity costs with high prices expected to continue through the winter.  Businesses can better withstand the financial impact of this turbulent time by reducing power bills with rooftop solar.

James Larratt, CEO of Solpod says: “We aim to deliver a third of your electricity at half the rate.”  Solpod’s rooftop solar solution helps reduce energy bills with a short term commitment of only a few years.  Solpod Rental helps more businesses save with solar.

Our rentable and redeployable solar pods suit commercial renters and building owners who are planning to redevelop their site.  Buildings with large, flat roofs are ideal conditions for the solar pods.  A 100kW Solpod system is installed in less than a single day with minimal distribution to the customer on site.

Standard Power Prices to Rise

Consumers have been warned to expect higher energy costs over winter, with gas shortages also recently reported through a cold weather spell.  Businesses are concerned about the increased cost of their energy supply and ability to meet the rising costs.

Peter Hannam in The Guardian reported: “Australia’s exposure to the global leap in energy prices in the wake of Russia’s war on Ukraine and subsequent sanctions is one factor pushing up energy prices. Some coal-fired power plants in the eastern states have also been offline – affecting as much as 30% of capacity – requiring the burning of more high-cost gas.”

“Households and small businesses were warned last week that their standard power prices would rise as much as 18% from July mainly because of the steepling wholesale prices, which doubled in the year to March and have doubled again since,” Hannam said.

Businesses Are Vulnerable to Rising Electricity Bills

ABC‘s Stephanie Borys and Stephanie Dalzell reported that businesses are concerned about their future viability amid sharply rising energy costs: “Australian businesses are warning they will collapse if a long-term plan is not implemented to mitigate soaring gas and electricity costs.”

Solpod Rental delivers cheaper electricity bills to businesses who are otherwise not able to benefit from standard solar.  Our solar pods are rapidly installed via a crane and are able to be removed from the roof without disturbing the roof.

See the following short video about Solpod’s innovative commercial rooftop solar product:

Solpods are fully Australian Made and manufactured.  Find out more about our redeployable solar pods by emailing or call +03 9089 0753.