Rooftop Solar PV Set to Surge Over the Next Three Years

Rooftop Solar to Reach 94.7 GW

The increasing uptake of rooftop solar continues to be predicted by energy research and forecasters.  Rystad Energy predicts rooftop solar PV will surge over the next three years, and will reach 94.7 gigawatts around the globe.

Rystad Energy reports that since 2016, there has been a rapid increase in the adoption of rooftop solar.  “Rooftop installations have jumped by 64% in five years, rising from 36 GW in 2017 to 59 GW in 2021 and now represent 30% of the total global solar capacity.”

James Larratt, CEO of Solpod, says: “The global community are increasingly showing their concern for climate change through reducing their carbon emissions.  More consumers are taking action by utilising the space on their rooftops to generate solar PV energy.”

Australian Leading on Rooftop Solar Per Capita 

The independent energy think tank Ember found that in 2021, solar and wind supplied 10% of the world’s energy supply.  In rooftop solar specifically, Ember showed that Australia leads in per capita installations.

The International Energy Agency (IEA) released a report ‘Snapshot of Global PV Markets 2022‘ which found that Australia ranks first in the world for installed solar PV per capita.  The IEA reported that Australia has 990W solar PV per person installed, followed by 757W per person in the Netherlands and 711W per person in Germany.

Image: Solpods Rapidly Installed by a Crane

Commercial & Industrial Rooftop Solar

In Australia, residential adoption of rooftop solar far exceeds the level installed for commercial and industrial use.  “In Australia, 87% of the small-scale PV systems are used to power residential properties, while 13% are installed for C&I use,” according to Rystad Energy.

This means many businesses have yet to benefit from cheaper energy costs, and have the opportunity to reduce their carbon emissions.

The fact that many businesses rent their buildings has been a barrier to solar installation. Those businesses are simply unable to commit to the lengthy terms required of traditional rooftop solar nor can they commitment to a permanent fixture on the roof.

Solpod designed a commercial rooftop solar system that overcomes these barriers.  For the first time, businesses can now rent a rooftop solar system on the buildings they occupy.  The Solpod solar system is able to be removed without the rooftop being disturbed.

Solpod Rooftop Solar Rental 

Solpod is helping more businesses reduce their emissions with Solpod Rental.  Businesses can reduce their electricity bill with a time commitment from only a few years.   Our solar pods can be removed and redeployed after installation.

The Solpod solution builds on the experience of the Australian rooftop solar industry and the expertise of the Solpod solar executives and team.  Our solar pods are rapidly installed and secured to the roof with a non-adhesive technology.

Solpod’s solution overcomes the obstacles many businesses faced in choosing solar, including those who rent their buildings or commercial owner-occupiers who need to redevelop their buildings.  Our removable pods are unlike standard solar systems that are permanently secured to rooftops with thousands of metal screws and bolts.

Solpods are fully Australian Made and Manufactured.  Find out more about our redeployable solar pods by emailing or call +03 9089 0753.