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Solar rental potential at 118 Summer Street Orange, NSW 2800

If you're considering installing or renting solar panels at 118 Summer Street Orange, NSW 2800, this page will help you determine the solar potential of this property.

Rent solar panels at 118 Summer Street Orange, NSW 2800
LEASE $57,500 P.A. excluding GST
LEASE RATE 288 / m2 / year
AGENT Chris Gryllis Real Estate

The property consists of Retail. It has 2 car park(s), which is probably not suitable for a solar car park, but may still be suitable for ground mounted solar in addition to roof top solar.

Solar is booming in Huntley

The benefits of solar power are no secret to the Huntley and the greater Orange City community. Over 25.32 million dollars (16,166 kW) of solar panels have been deployed in Huntley and surrounding suburbs (Belgravia, Boree, Borenore, Byng, Cadia, Canobolas, Cargo, Clergate, Clifton Grove, Emu Swamp, Four Mile Creek, Kangaroobie, Kerrs Creek, Lewis Ponds, Lidster, Lower Lewis Ponds, Lucknow, March, Mullion Creek, Nashdale, Ophir, Orange, Panuara, Shadforth, Spring Creek, Spring Hill, Springside, Summer Hill Creek, Waldegrave and Windera) as the community prioritises saving dollars and the environment.

Bring 118 Summer Street Orange, NSW 2800 into the 21st centruy by renting and installing a solar panels.

Businesses and residents of Huntley are collectively generating $4,887,773 of energy at retail prices a year! This is based on an average of 66,956 kWh of energy production a day and retail electricity costs of 20c per kilowatt-hour. The solar panels in Huntley are also offsetting greenhouse gas emission, with the solar systems in Huntley reducing 20,040 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions every year.

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solar rental in 118 Summer Street Orange, NSW 2800

Considering renting solar panels at 118 Summer Street Orange, NSW 2800? Try our solar lease calculator for commerical buildings.

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solar renting at 118 Summer Street Orange, NSW 2800

Solar power availability in Huntley

Huntley gets solar irradiation levels of an annual average of 4.94 kilowatt hours per square metre. The following graph shows the daily average solar irradiation/power levels per kW installed in Huntley for each month.

solar leasing at 118 Summer Street Orange, NSW 2800