Solpod, a New Industrial Rooftop Solar Product

If you have considered solar for your business before but not gone ahead, Solpod may be for you.

Solpod is a new product that warrants your business looking at solar again. 

Solpod is the world’s first redeployable solar solution.  Being redeployable, the most significant advantage offered by Solpod to business is that now solar can be offered on a short term basis.  

Solpod Rental:  Through Solpod, your business can now rent solar systems for 1-5 years.  Other solar solutions require a 10+ year commitment to solar, too long a time-frame for many commercial landlords and renters.

Roof Warranties Intact:  Solpod’s patent protected technology means that our solar arrays are fixed to roofs with non-penetrating technology.  There are no screws or bolts that fix the arrays to roofs.  If circumstances change, the Solpods remove with ease, and the roof ‘made good.’

About Solpod

‘Solpod’ is a uniquely designed solar array and highly efficient solar installation process.  Our solar pods are made of 10 solar photovoltaic panels, prefabricated in a quality-controlled factory environment, craned onto site, and fixed to roofs with non-penetrating feet.  Each pod provides 4kW, with a typical roof top installation for our clients starting at 40kW.

Solpods are relocatable if the business moves or is sold, and are available for leasing.  Solpod leasing over a short time period (1-5 years) is a new and flexible way many businesses can now benefit from solar energy and reduced power bills.   

Solpod for Industrial and Commercial Rooftops

Solpod’s innovative solar solution was designed by a team of solar executives who were aware that many businesses owners and renters were unable to access solar.   Businesses needed a solar product that did not penetrate roofs and came with flexible terms.

Through extensive research and development, the Solpod team successfully developed a mobile solar product that was non-penetrating on rooftops and did not void roof warranties.  Solpod has the following key features:

  • Non-penetrative, fixed to roofs through either industrially certified adhesive feet or the use of roof clamps.
  • A unique A-frame design that means less risk of damage to the solar panels at installation and removal.  Each pod only weighs less than 14kg per square meter.  The Solpods are designed to refold after use, enabling easy redeployment.
  • Solpod’s modular prefabrication reduces installation time and cost, industrialising the design and installation process.
  • Solpods are versatile and can attach to a wide range of metal roof sheets.  Other solar solutions penetrate roofs with screws; risking leaks, rust and voiding roof warranties.
  • Solpods automatically accommodate for roof variation, resulting in reduced labour and installation time. 

Through these features, Solpods are available for rental. Your business can now benefit from electricity cost savings and a reduction in your carbon footprint.

Solpod Rental

Solpod’s redeployable solution means that business can now benefit from solar with short-term rental contracts of less than 5 years.  Rental terms are not required to fully pay off the array as per standard solar.

Our Solpod rentals generate lower electricity pricing than the grid rate for many businesses across Australia. 

Solpod currently offers flexible and attractive terms for businesses:

  • No minimum term rental when customers pay an install fee;
  • Payback on install fees for customers, typically within 2 years;
  • Savings on energy rates may be 50% or more;
  • Flexible, easy to exit terms;
  • Shorter terms than standard solar, at the same rates.

Find out more about Solpod Rental.