Solpod, a Sustainable Solar PV Product

Choosing Solpod for your industrial or business rooftop means choosing a high quality, sustainable solar PV product.

Solpod offers more businesses the possibility of accessing solar through our Solpod Rental, reducing their carbon emissions and contributing to a cleaner, sustainable future.  Our environmentally aware customers will also be pleased to know that Solpod’s solar arrays themselves are recyclable.

Solpod is a sustainable solar photovoltaic panel (PV) product, being fully recyclable. If there are building renovations or roof works, the solar system can be removed and redeployed.  Our solar arrays are prefabricated into mobile ‘pods’ and we use a mounting solution that does not penetrate roof sheets.  Solpod is a mobile system that can be recycled through relocation.

Standard solar array removal costs include disassembly, panel damage, reassembly and roof repair.  Standard solar is fixed to roofs with thousands of roof penetrating screws and bolts, making removal costly and difficult.  These costs make relocation of standard solar not feasible and force the investment to be viewed as a long-term sunk cost.  

Solpods are recyclable and do not need to be scrapped as per standard solar.  Solpods are able to be relocated if circumstances change.   With a long-lasting capability, Solpods are more environmentally sustainable than other solar PV products available on the market.   Find out more about our technology on Solpod’s products page.

The Solpod team are proud of our innovative solar solution, whereby more businesses can reduce their environmental footprint and save through solar.