Solpod Installation & Covid-19

During the Covid-19 pandemic and a time of required social distancing, your business would be concerned about having extraneous people at your premises.  

Solpod offers the following:

  • Solpod uses 80% less labour on roofs compared to standard solar.
  • A standard 100kW installation can be completed within only one day.
  • Solpods are craned onto roofs, rather than lifted by people. 

Solpod achieves these results through having developed a unique solar solution.  Solpods are prefabricated in a quality controlled factory settling, assembling solar PV panels into solar ‘pods.’  Solpods are trucked from the factory and fixed to roofs via cranes.  The installation process is rapid, a 40kW system can be completed within half a day. 

In contrast, standard solar requires lengthy assemblage times of solar arrays on roofs.  Two people are required to lift each solar panel into place.  Labourers are also required to undertake awkward manipulation of the arrays onto roofs.

Choosing Solpod means less people around your premises and minimal disruption due to our rapid installation time.  The installation of a standard solar system on a commercial rooftop site may take several weeks and use more labour than what Solpod requires.

Find out more about Solpod’s technology.   Solpod offers the world’s first redeployable solar solution, opening the possibility of solar rental on industrial and commercial rooftop sites.

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