Solpod now available across WA through MPS

Solpod is pleased to announce its relocatable rooftop solar is now available across Western Australia through MPS Building and Electrical.

Solpod developed the world’s first re-deployable solar systems for commercial and industrial rooftops.  The Solpod solar range is now available in WA for the first time, using the contractors MPS.

James Larratt, CEO of Solpod, says: “Solpod welcomes MPS as our first WA contractor. MPS are a leading contractor from Perth to remote mine sites.  Like MPS, we see the opportunity for Australian innovation and manufacturing to unlock the benefits of solar for WA businesses.”

MPS Building and Electrical are a large contractor in Perth that “provides solutions with a full range of supplies and services across all industries.”  MPS Building and Electrical install solar panels on commercial sites, including remote locations.  See more about MPS’s solar panel installation service here:

Recently MPS chose to install Solpod’s solar pods on their own building rooftop in Perth.  David Crooks, General Manager Resource & Solar at MPS says, “We installed our first Solpod array on our own building and couldn’t have been happier.  The prefabricated pods enables a safer and quicker install.”

The following images show Solpod’s rooftop solar being installed on the MPS building:

Solpods are 10-panel solar PV ‘pods’, pre-assembled in a factory in Melbourne.  Solpod’s innovations in solar means that now more businesses can benefit from rooftop solar:

Rental and flexible terms are available.  Previously businesses needed a long-term committment to rooftop solar, up to 20-25 years.  Now businesses can benefit from energy savings with only a short-term commitment, starting at only one year.  Solpod offers Solpod Rental with flexible terms.

Relocatable systems.  Solpods are re-deployable, offering businesses flexibility to remove the solar arrays for planned or unplanned future scenarios. The solar systems can be removed and re-deployed; for example, if a business moves to another location, needs access to the roof, or is planning a site redevelopment.

No roof penetrations.  The solar pods are secured use a mounting solution that does not penetrate the roof sheet. This means that roof warranties remain intact, useful for commercial landlords and renters.

Enhanced installation efficiency and safety.  As they are prefabricated, the solar pods are efficient to install and remove.  A 100kW Solpod installation can be completed within only one day.  Only 20% of the labour is required to install the solar pods, compared to standard solar.

Solpods are proudly Australian Made and manufactured.   To find out more about Solpod’s solar solution, contact us at or +03 9089 0753.