Solpod Officially Recognised as Australian Made

Solpod is pleased to report that we are now officially recognised as ‘Australian Made’ by Australian Made Campaign Limited!

Manufacturing our solar pods in Australia is something we are very proud of; creating jobs, supporting local manufacturing and innovation, and helping to stimulate the local economy.

Our product is now live on the Australian Made website:

Our brief is listed on The Australian Made website as follows: “Solpod’s mission is to enable more businesses to benefit from rooftop solar; generating savings and driving the transition to a sustainable, clean energy future.”

“Solpod utilizes our world first pre-fabricated & re-deployable solar technology to allow businesses to benefit from solar without tying into a long term commitment. We want everyone to benefit from solar, even those with a short term commitment to their site as a renter of commercial property or a business who may expand into a new facility.”

Solpods are moveable and rentable rooftop solar pods. Solpods are a group of 10 solar panels that are prefabricated into pods in our Dandenong factory.

Dandenong is an area of Melbourne which is well regarded for its local manufacturing.  Solpod is a member of SEMMA, the South East Melbourne Manufacturers Alliance.  The South East region of Melbourne produces 44% of all products manufactured in Victoria.

The Chief Executive Officer of Australian Made says: “Australian manufacturers make some of the highest quality building products in the world, and from our most recent research these products and materials are increasingly preferred by builders and home renovators.”,-make-sure-its-australian-made/

As well as representing high quality products using ethical labour, Australian Made is associated with supporting local jobs.  Australian Made is helping to sustain our local economy at a time of uncertainty.  The renewables sector is recognised by industry analysts as offering significant opportunity for local jobs growth.

Renew Economy recently reported that Australia has a chance to build our economy by supporting green manufacturing. They cite a report published by Centre for Future Work: “Australia could substantially boost gross domestic product and create as many as 400,000 new jobs by targeting industry support towards green manufacturing jobs, including renewable energy and battery storage production.”

The Centre for Future Work describes renewable energy offering manufacturing opportunity in the report, “Fair Share for Australian Manufacturing: Manufacturing Renewal for the Post-COVID Economy”:

“Manufacturing facilities have always been located to take advantage of accessible energy sources. What has changed is the source and geography of energy. Thanks to Australia’s superabundance of renewable resources, and rapid declines in cost, renewable energy will be a powerful lever for attracting manufacturing investment.”

Solpod is an innovative solar solution that helps businesses benefit from rooftop solar.  Solpod is the world’s first redeployable solar.  Solpod offers solar rooftop rental to commercial and industrial renters, who were previously unable to make the long-term commitment to solar.

Solpods do not penetrate rooftops during installation, and remove without roof damage. The solar pods are able to be used again at another site, enabling businesses to take the Solpods with them if they move or if there are building works.

Contact or +03 9089 0753 to find out more about Solpod’s solar solution.