Solpod Powers Google Australia’s HQ, with Google’s Carbon Footprint Now Zero

In perfect timing, Google announces that it’s carbon footprint is now zero.  Google is offsetting its historic emissions and moving to zero-carbon energy, as Solpod powers up Google Australia’s headquarters.

Solpod on Google Australia HQ, Sydney

Solpod installed our re-deployable solar pods on Google Australia’s Headquarters in Pyrmont, Sydney.  The 100kW solar system is situated on the high profile building, which is owned and managed by GPT.

Google recently announced they have reached a zero-carbon footprint, read here.  As they work towards 100% zero-carbon energy use by 2030, Google will use solar as part of their shift to fully use renewable energy.

The GPT property housing Google Australia is known as ”Workplace 6.’  See the below image of Solpod’s installation on the stunning building situated on the Sydney harbour:

Image: Solpod’s rooftop solar on Google Australia’s HQ

Google Announces a Zero-Carbon Footprint

Using ‘high quality carbon offsets,’ Google will compensate for its carbon past.  The multi-national technology company aims to fully utilise carbon-free energy by 2030, investing in solar, wind and renewables innovation.

Sundar Pincahair, CEO of Google and Alphabet, stated in a public message on the 14th of September, 2020:

“As of today, we have eliminated Google’s entire carbon legacy (covering all our operational emissions before we became carbon neutral in 2007) through the purchase of high-quality carbon offsets. This means that Google’s lifetime net carbon footprint is now zero. We’re pleased to be the first major company to get this done, today.”

Google has released a white paper outlining their goals to use 100% carbon free-energy by 2030, in ‘24/7 by 2030: Realising a Carbon-Free Future’.

Google will use renewables for it’s carbon-free energy, recognising commercial value: “Renewable energy inputs like wind and sunlight are essentially free, which means buying energy from renewables gives us great financial certainty.”

Roger Harrabin, Environment Analyst, reported for the BBC: “Environmentalists have welcomed yet another eye-catching commitment from a world-leading business to abolish the emissions that are damaging the planet. It’s becoming fashionable.”

Solpod’s Solar Solution – Google Building

Solpods are installed on GPT’s Workplace 6 Building where Google Australia is located.  Our Solpods are prefabricated ‘pods’ of 10-12 solar PV panels.  They are prefabricated in a factory, and installed via cranes. The installation time of the solar pods is only a 1/3 of the time needed for standard solar.  

Our innovation in rooftop solar met GPT’s design brief across a number of specified areas:

  • Minimal disruption to office operations during installation

The installation only required a total of 6 hours of crane lifting and with significantly less disruption to the client compared to standard solar.  Each 4.6KW took on average 10 minutes to install.

Since assembly is completed in the factory, there is significantly less installer traffic and equipment around the customer’s site.  

  • Minimal disturbance to pre-existing rooftop artwork

The concrete roof has a pre-existing gravel art installation.  We developed a new innovation to allow the solar pods to be effectively secured whilst also being situated above the gravel covering.

  • The Solpod solar arrays tolerate high wind loads 

The site has high wind loads; the building is six stories high and adjacent to the harbour.  Solpod’s solar pods and mounting system have been aerodynamically designed.  Wind tunnel testing has shown the aerodynamic Solpod design leads to lower loads on buildings than other solar mounting solutions.

Solpods have been installed at other GPT commercial property sites, including shopping centres.  The ability to easily remove and redeploy our solar pods has been cited as a reason for GPT to choose Solpod across their property portfolio.

See the following links, demonstrating the Solpod rooftop solar installation for GPT on Google Australia’s Headquarters, a short video prepared by CASE Statewide Solar and further video footage here.

Solpod’s solar pods and solar mounting solution are Australian made and manufactured.  Contact us at or +03 9089 0753 to find out more about Solpod’s solar solution.

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