Solpod Solar: Australian Made Week 2022

Australian Made Week 2022

Solpod proudly offers Australian Made and manufactured commercial solar.  We celebrate Australian Made Week and support the Australian Made Campaign.  Australian Made Week ‘encourages consumers to actively seek locally Australian made and grown products both during the week and into the future.’  The campaign is running over 6 – 12 June 2022.

The Australian Made Chief Executive, Ben Lazzaro, said: “The pandemic has really opened many people’s eyes to the importance of locally made products and how we can all play our part, including businesses, by prioritising Aussie products to help strengthen the economy.”

Solpod rooftop solar is uniquely redeployable, ideal for buildings with large, flat roofs.  Our rapidly installed solar pods can be relocated between buildings, meaning that now many businesses can save with solar for a shorter term commitment than standard solar.  Find out more about Solpod Rental.

Solpod: Australian Made and Manufactured Solar 

Choosing Australian Made solar for your business helps support Australian manufacturing and the Australian solar industry.  Solpod’s innovative solar mounting technology was developed by a team of Australian solar executives. Solpod has been helping businesses across Australia save with solar, including Woolworths at Wellington, Google Australia Headquarters in Sydney and Bentspoke Brewery in Canberra.

Image: Solpods Installed on Google Australia HQ, Pyrmont

James Larratt, the CEO of Solpod, was interviewed earlier this year by Australian Made for a feature article that showcased Solpod.  “Manufacturing our products in Australia came down to a few things. The founders of Solpod are all experienced Australian solar executives. The team recognised Australia’s homegrown expertise in solar and our country’s standing as a global leader in solar innovation; but we also saw the benefits that manufacturing locally had on communities,” Mr Larratt said.

Solpod was a finalist for the Victorian Premier’s Design Awards in 2020 and also received the Most Innovative Solar Solution 2019 by Solar Cutters. In 2021 Solpod received the global #SET100 Award by Start up Energy Transition.  More information about Solpod’s innovative design can be found on the Australian Made website: here

Manufactured in Melbourne, Australia

Choosing Australian Made helps strengthen local manufacturing and supplies, this is important during a time when consumers are noticing supply chain issues and shortages of many goods.  Ben Lazzaro said: “Roy Morgan research shows that 93% of Australians believe it is important to build up local manufacturing to protect Australians from problems with the supply of products made overseas.”

Our solar pods are built and manufactured in a factory in Dandenong in the southeast of Melbourne, an area well regarded for its manufacturing base.  Each solar pod is a grouping of solar PV panels, pre-assembled in the quality controlled factory.  The pods are flat-packed, trucked to site and lifted to the roof via a crane.

Image: Solpods Being Assembled

Mr Larratt told Australian Made: “Our most popular installation involves 21 pods (100kWp), which cuts carbon emissions to an equivalent level of taking 21 cars off the road or planting 500 trees. Each time we install one we’re effectively putting a forest on an Australian factory rooftop.”

Image: Prefabricated Solpods

Find out more about Solpod Rental and our redeployable solar pods by emailing or call +03 9089 0753.