Solpod Solar in Australian Made Feature

Solpod in Australian Made Feature

Solpod is thrilled to be featured by Australian Made in their recent publication.  It is a wonderful opportunity to highlight how manufacturing our solar pods in Australia is helpful to the Australian economy, community, the Australian solar industry and the businesses who choose our solar products.

See the following link to Solpod being showcased by Australian Made in ‘Aussie Made Features’:

Mr James Larratt is the CEO and founder of Solpod, who provided feedback to Australian Made about how Solpod is helping more businesses benefit from solar.  He said: “Solpod offers the world’s first re-deployable solar system that can be rapidly installed and removed on rooftops or fields. Our rentable solar pods mean more businesses can access solar power without the need to worry about a long-term commitment.”



The development of Solpod’s innovative solar mounting technology was led by a team of Australian solar executives.  They realised there was a gap in the market whereby many commercial renters were unable to access or benefit from solar.  Many businesses rent buildings, warehouses and commercial sites with large, flat roofs that are idea for solar generation. Now Solpod’s Australian Made solar systems means businesses can access solar on the roof of the buildings they occupy through Solpod Rental. 

Australian Made Solar Innovation 

Choosing to manufacture Solpods in Australia supports local jobs, the local economy and the Australian solar industry.  The pods are manufactured in a factory in Dandenong, a suburb in the South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, an area well regarded for its manufacturing base.  Manufacturing the solar systems in a factory setting provides a high degree of quality control.

“The Australian Made logo is globally recognised and aligns perfectly with our values of producing products of the highest quality in a clean, green environment,” said Mr Larratt.
Our Solpods are a prefabricated group of solar panels that are arranged into pods.  Each pod has two ‘wings’ of 5 solar PV panels each that unfold during installation. The solar pods are flat-packed, trucked to site, and lifted to the rooftop with a crane.  Prefabricating the solar pods in this way, industrialises the process of commercial solar, making the installation quicker and safer for our customers and installers.

Supporting Australian Made Solar

Our Australian Made pods are being installed around the country, with many businesses appreciating the rapid installation process, and the potential to remove the solar arrays at a later stage if needed. Solpod has a great wish to see more businesses reduce their emissions and benefit from our easy to install product.

Mr Larratt said to Australian Made: “Our most popular installation involves 21 pods (100kWp), which cuts carbon emissions to an equivalent level of taking 21 cars off the road or planting 500 trees. Each time we install one we’re effectively putting a forest on an Australian factory rooftop.”

Solpod is one of the few commercial solar companies that manufacture in Australia.  Our products are associated with a high degree of quality, innovation, technical capacity and knowledge generated through the experience of our company founders and team.

Our innovative Solpod design and product has been recognised by the solar industry.  In 2021 Solpod received the global #SET100 Award by Start up Energy Transition. Solpod was a Finalist of the Victorian Premiers’ Design Awards – Product Design Category in 2020.  Solpod received Most Innovative Solar Solution 2019 by Solar Cutters.

To find out more about Solpod’s rapid install solar pods or other solar products on offer please contact or call + 03 9089 0753.