Solpod to Power Savings for Ausworkwear & Safety Headquarters

Solar Pods to Power Savings for Ausworkwear & Safety Headquarters 

Ausworkwear & Safety has moved to save money and electricity by installing an 82kWp Solpod Roof solar system on their headquarters in Morwell, Victoria.  The company chose our rapid-install, redeployable solar pods for their roof recognising our best practice in safety and Australian Made solar mounting.

“Ausworkwear and Safety is a fully owned Australian business independently operating for over 40 years with unmatched industry experience.  We are excited to be powered by a Solpod solar system, which was installed by NRG Wise.” said Ausworkwear and Safety’s MD, Andrew Panther.

“The Solpod array will cut Ausworkwear’s electricity bill by over 80%” said Rod Horton, MD at NRG Wise.

Ausworkwear & Safety was established in 1976 in Morwell.  In 2008, the company headquarters and warehouse moved to a site on Princess Drive in Morwell.  This building is where 18 relocatable Solpods have been installed.

The company has taken steps to improve its sustainability measures on the site, including acquiring water tanks, enhancing measures for recycling, and installing solar.  See the following video about the Solpod Roof Install at Ausworkwear & Safety:

The modular pods offer a flexible rooftop solar option for businesses with large rooftops.  Solpods can be easily removed for reuse without disturbing the rooftop or solar panels themselves.

Solpod Offers Best Practice in Safety For Commercial & Industrial Solar Installations

Each Solpod is a grouping of 10 solar PV panels, prefabricated in a factory in Dandenong, Melbourne.  The solar pods are efficiently installed via a crane, which means fewer labourers are required to secure the pods to rooftops.

“We proposed a Solpod solution to Ausworkwear and Safety because it is best practice in safety: the Solpod system removes the need for labourers to carry heavy solar panels and the need for reaching to tighten clamps, which can cause back injury,”  said Rod Horton, MD at NRG Wise.

A Solpod installation represents best practice in safety currently available in commercial and industrial solar.  A standard solar installation means that labourers would be required to manually lift heavy 25kg panels, alongside awkward reaching to secure them.  Solpods require 80% less manual labour on rooftops, compared to a standard installation.

“Our installers love working with Solpod as it removes the worst part of their job, the heavy lifting and reaching, and makes them more productive,” said Rod.

Australian Made Solar Mounting System

We are thrilled that Ausworkwear and Safety, an Australian owned business, chose Solpod for its solar installation.  “The Solpod solar mounting system is Australian Made and was installed with minimal disruption at site,” said Ausworkwear and Safety MD Andrew Panther.

Image: Mr Andrew Panther

We are very proud that we manufacture our solar pods in Australia. Solpod currently offers the only fully Australian Made and manufactured solar mounting solutions available in Australia.  Choosing Australian Made products helps support local manufacturing and innovation, jobs and the local economy.

Solpod’s Commercial and Industrial (C&I) solar solutions have been installed throughout Victoria, New South Wales and Western Australia.  Solpod received the Start-Up Energy Transition Top 100 Energy Start-Up 2021, Solar Cutters Most Innovative Solar Solution 2019 and Finalist for the Victorian Premier Design Award 2021.

To find out more about Solpod’s Australian Made solar pods or other solar mounting solutions, please contact or call +03 9089 0753.