State Government to Rebuild Victoria’s Economy through Renewables

600 MW of Solar & Wind in Victoria

Solpod welcomes the Victorian Government’s announcement that renewables will help drive Victoria’s economic recovery from the coronavirus.  The Victorian Government plans on a market sounding process for at least 600 megawatts (MW) of solar and wind projects.

Lily D’Ambrosia, the Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change, says: “Renewable energy is supporting thousands of jobs and local businesses across Victoria and it will help drive our economic recovery from coronavirus.”

The Victoria Government says the 600 MW capacity will be “enough to power every hospital and school in Victoria, Melbourne’s train network and a range of other Government infrastructure and services.”

The Victoria Government sought 650 megawatts in 2017.  This target was well exceed with 928 MW of renewable energy delivered through the Victoria Renewable Energy Target (VREST).

“We know that Victorians are doing it tough and affordable reliable power is more important than ever – this will help to deliver that as well as creating jobs and stimulating the economy,” said D’Ambrosia.

A Green Recovery

Nick Toscano and Miki Perkins of the Sydney Morning Herald report on the State Government’s announcement: “It comes amid calls around the world for ‘green recoveries’ – economic rescue packages targeting investments in clean energy that would tackle global warming as well as stimulate growth.”

David Fanner of the The Guardian writes about the Green Recovery: “Coronavirus shutdowns have sent many countries into recession but the pandemic also provides a unique opportunity to build our way out of economic disaster using renewable energy as the driver.”

Solar has become the dominant new source of energy generation around the world.  Michael Mazengarb of Renew Economy reports on the growth of solar, “In 2019, solar emerged as the most popular new source of electricity generation capacity across a third of all countries, including Australia, India and the United States.”

ABC Australia reported that, “Around the world, renewables-led economic recoveries have been urged by the UN and the EU.”

Solpod for Industrial and Commercial Rooftops

Solpod is proud to be part of Australia’s shift to a clean energy economy, helping more businesses access rooftop solar.  The commercial and and industrial rooftop market is still developing in Australia, with innovations in solar starting to accelerate this.

Many commercial landlords and renters have been unable to commit to a large solar asset purchase nor the 15-25 year duration needed.  Standard solar has not been suitable for businesses looking to move or redevelop their buildings.

In recognising these constraints faced by businesses, Solpod developed an innovative solar solution that means more businesses can adopt solar.  Solpod developed the world’s first re-deployable rooftop solar system.

Solpods are relocatable solar ‘pods’ for commercial and industrial rooftops.  Solpod uses a patent protected mounting solution, whereby the solar arrays are fixed to the roof without penetrating the roof sheet.  Solpod offer’s businesses a flexible leasing option, with no minimum terms.

Solpods are Australian Made and Manufactured 

Image: Solpods being manufactured

Solpod’s relocatable solar pods and mounting equipment are Australian Made and manufactured.  Australian Made is associated with local jobs creation and high quality products.  Solpod manufactures its solar pods in Dandenong, Melbourne.  This area is well regarded for its manufacturing base and Solpod is proudly associated with the South East Melbourne Manufacturing Alliance (SEMMA).

As the modular solar pods are prefabricated in a factory, much less time is needed at installation compared to standard solar.  Each Solpod consists of 10 solar PV panels.  The solar pods are lifted to the roof via a crane, with a 100kW system installed within one day.

James Larratt, CEO of Solpod, explains Solpod’s solar solution in the following video:


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