Patent Pending

Solpod’s technology portfolio delivers an integrated solution for commercial solar.

Solpod’s internationally patent protected (pending) technology:

  • reduces construction time and therefore disruption at site as the system is installed as 10 panel pods,
  • does not require penetrations in the roof sheet for fixing,
  • improves system QA/QC outcomes, as more work is performed in a factory rather than on a roof -is Australia’s only rooftop solar mounting manufacturer, and
  • provides future flexibility, as Solpods can be relocated if required due to future requirements.

The ‘Solpod’ is our main product.  Solpods are prefabricated ‘pods’ of 10 panels (4kW per pod), which are then trucked to site and craned into position, connecting to pre-installed feet. Pods are fabricated in a quality controlled factory environment.  The solar pods are tested and barcoded before leaving the factory.

See Solpod’s product brochure: ‘Solpod Classic‘.

Solpod also offers ‘Solpod Mini’, an innovative approach to solar installation using rail-based mounting: ‘Solpod Mini .’

Assembled in the factory

Each pod is assembled and checked under cover in a factory. This ensures that the correct parts are used and every connection is guaranteed.

Avoids micro-cracks

Modules are protected from micro cracks as a result of handling errors, because modules are only carried a short distance in the factory. Once the pod assembly is complete, modules are securely held and avoid any further manual handling errors.

Broad roof sheet compatibility

Each make and model of coated steel roof sheeting has a different profile and spacing between each roof crest. Solpod’s roof attachment brackets suit the majority of roof sheets on the market.

Low wind loads

Each pod is tilted up, yet self-shielding. Compared with a traditional tilted array, wind flows smoothly over each pod, greatly decreasing the wind loads that are applied to the building.

No corrosion from dissimilar metals

Aluminium pod feet are kept physically separate from steel roof sheeting, thereby avoiding any possibility of accelerated corrosion of the roof sheet via dissimilar metals.

Solutions for complex roofs

For complex or constrained roof geometries, Solpod also offers a ‘mini pod’, only 1/6 the size of a standard pod.

Solutions for pitched roofs

For roofs with a slope of 10 degrees or greater, Solpod offers a flush mounted version of the mini pod.