We understand that businesses who rent their buildings need rooftop solar on 3 year terms, not 30 year terms.

Our solar pods are the only rentable, redeployable rooftop solar product currently on the market. 




Helping More Businesses Benefit from Clean Energy

Solpod’s rooftop solar pods can help your business access clean energy in the building you occupy.

Most commercial tenants are unable to install a standard solar rooftop PV system that is fixed to the roof, so they are missing out on the opportunity to be part of the clean energy transition.

Unlock the solar energy potential of your roof, contact info@solpod.com.au.

Unlocking the Solar Energy Potential of Large, Flat Roofs

Commercial tenants with large, flat roofs can now access clean solar energy with a Solpod lease.

A 100kW Solpod rooftop solar system can be installed in less than one day.

Inner West Council Special Offer 

No installation fee or minimum terms for Solpod rentals currently on offer for Inner West Sydney businesses. 


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