Solpod Mini

Flush, single-tilt or dual-tilt

Solpod Mini is our rail-based rooftop solar solution, offered in flush mount, single-tilt or dual-tilt. Smaller than the larger Solpod Roof series, Solpod Mini can be assembled to fit around obstructions on the roof. Brackets are available to suit module frame heights of either 35 mm or 40 mm.

  • Fast installation;
  • Best Practice Occupational Health and Safety, with a ‘no reach’ assembly method;
  • Low wind loads.  Wind tunnel testing shows the back-to-back geometry of Solpod Mini delivers wind loads less than those defined by the Australian Standard for standard solarr;
  • Assembled on the roof;
  • Uses a Solpod channel for cable management and array earthing;
  • 10-year warranty;
  • 25+ year service life.

Landscape or portrait

The Mini Series can be installed in landscape ‘columns’ that proceed from gutter to roof ridge; or portrait ‘rows’ that proceed from side to side.

The default method is in landscape ‘columns’, where the fixing spacing is equal to the purlin spacing.  Each column of models is fixed to two channels using edge and centre bracket that include the modules at 10 degrees.  Electrical cables can run in the channels.


Visit our documentation page to view brochures and manuals.

Technical VIDEOS

Solpod Engineering Manager, Jeremy Lawrence, introduces the product and describes the advantages.