Our mission

Solpod’s mission is to enable more businesses to benefit from rooftop solar; generating savings and driving the transition to a sustainable, clean energy future.  

Our Solpod Rental product makes it easier for your business to adopt solar.  Our solar pods are re-deployable so that we can offer a simple, no-regret solution for as little as one year. 

Our story

Solpod was founded in Melbourne in 2017 by a team of solar executives who were aware that many businesses were excluded from acquiring solar.  Whether businesses buy or lease a solar system, they typically need to commit 10-plus years to achieve savings.

Solpod aims at serving rooftop solar in a way that works for businesses and makes it easier to adopt.

With extensive experience in solar, finance and infrastructure, the Solpod team sought to find a new approach to help more businesses benefit from solar.  The Solpod team developed an innovative solar design of prefabricated pods (10 solar panels to a pod), which are craned and positioned onsite.

Solpod’s unique solar design and solution means that not only are our solar panels efficient to install, they are relocatable and do not penetrate roofs or void roof warranties.   

Solpod means your business can now rent solar panels over a short time frame and have the flexibility to end the rental when circumstances change.  

More commercial premises can now reduce their electricity costs and benefit from accessing renewable energy.  Solpod can help your business reduce carbon emissions, helping to meet your ESG (environmental, social and corporate governance) objectives.

Our Australian made product has been extensively tried and tested.  We have received the support of the Australian Government through an ARENA (Australian Renewable Energy Agency) grant.  We received Most Innovative Solar Solution 2019 at the Solar Cutters Award.  

We have a passion for working towards a sustainable future through maximising the capability of solar.  We are proud of the product we have created and hope that your company may consider Solpod if previously solar was out of reach.

Our solution

Solpod’s unique patent protected solution focuses on:

  1. Relocatable solar. Solar PV ‘pods’ that can be detached from the roof, folded up and lifted via a crane to a truck for installation on another site. This enables commercial property owners to invest in a 20-year asset (solar systems) while mitigating the risk of 5-year commercial leases.
  2. Non-penetrating solar. Solar PV ‘pods’ are fixed to the roof using industrial grade tape. The roof sheet is not penetrated and no holes are left behind if the solar PV system is relocated.
  3. Minimal wind loads. Solar PV ‘pods’ present a streamlined profile to the wind, reducing the forces that are transmitted to the building.

With this combination of attributes, commercial building owners can increase tenant security and tenants can benefit from lower energy costs.

Our people

James Larratt – Founder & CEO

Former infrastructure investment banker, utility solar developer, and solar business advisor.

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James Walker – Founder & COO

Founder of Energy Matters (large solar installer and distributor) and developer of SunLock rooftop mounting solution.

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Nick Brass – Sales & Strategic Partnerships

Founder of Energy Matters and leader in commercial & industrial solar.

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Richard Barker – Business Development Manager

Passionate about helping businesses reduce their energy costs and environmental carbon footprint. Contact Richard today on ‭+61 419 469 886‬ or richard@solpod.com.au.

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Jeremy Lawrence – Engineering

Registered Professional Engineer (RPEng) with 10+ years experience in solar PV racking design. Developed the SunLock solar PV framing system at Energy Matters.

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Tod Mackay – Wholesale Sales

Sales and technical support for wholesale customers.

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