Solar PV systems can be rented from Solpod; solar rental for the life of your lease.

Solpod unlocks the potential of solar for business through a simple, short term solar rental.  Solpod’s multi-panel pods are easily redeployable, unlike all other rooftop solar, so our leases can be shorter and cheaper.  Now businesses can benefit from solar without needing to make a long term commitment.

Solpod’s re-deployable, non-penetrating solar rental design allows renters to access the benefits of rooftop solar.

Solpod’s patent protected technology means that our solar rental arrays are fixed to roofs with non-penetrating technology. There are no screws or bolts that fix the arrays to roofs. If circumstances change, the Solpod solar rental array can be removed with ease, and the roof ‘made good.’

Solar rentals in Australia

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