Research Shows Industrial Sector Optimal For Rooftop Solar

Research Shows Renewable Generation in Industrial Sector Under-Capitalised

Australian research reveals renewable generation in the industrial sector is under-capitalised.  Whilst the domestic market has embraced rooftop solar, commercial and industrial solar is primed with opportunity.

Prological worked with the University of Wollongong Sustainable Buildings Research Centre’s (UoW SBRC) on research that shows potential for rooftop solar in the industrial sector.  The research showed that renewable generation including solar will accelerate carbon reduction, and businesses in brownfield and greenfield environments will be provided with cost savings.

The Solpod founders developed solar pods in response to the barriers faced by businesses in adopting solar.  With Australia’s sunny conditions ideal for solar, our innovative Solpods are rentable to property owners on terms that align with property leases.

Large, Flat Rooftops of Industrial Sites Ideal for Solar PV

The research of Prological with the University of Wollongong has identified medium scale rooftop solar as an area for growth in Australia.

“Industrial sites offer the perfect opportunity to utilise solar-powered energy, as they feature large flat surface areas on their rooftops and the operating times of these types of businesses are often optimal to take advantage of the generation period of solar PV,” says researcher Craig Pickup.

Solpod solar is is ideal for large, flat rooftops.  Solpods are prefabricated and rapidly installed.  The solar pods are fully re-deployable after use, meaning the commercial and industrial market now has the opportunity to rent rooftop solar with Solpod Rental.

Solpods have been installed on many commercial and industrial sites, including 423kW on Bureau Veritas buildings in Wingfield, Adelaide, Woolworths Wellington, Sydney, Parkmore Shopping Centre (GPT) in Keysborough, Melbourne, Stanhope Gardens Village in Sydney (Mirvac) and Quad 1 (GPT) at Sydney Olympic Park.


Opportunities in Commercial and Industrial Solar

Solpod is an award wining innovation, having received the following accolades:

2021 Start Up Energy Transition Top 100 Energy Start-Up

2020 Premier’s Design Awards Finalist, Product Design Category

2019 Most Innovative Solar Solution, Solar Cutters

2018-2020 Arena Grant Award

The Solpod team are excited about the possibilities for commercial and industrial rooftop solar.  With the economies of scale favouring solar, businesses can be optimistic about the future of renewable energy.

Further research by Prological and the University of Wollongong has also shown opportunities that may present to businesses in the supply chain industry.  “With the industrial infrastructure being seen as a potential power station, the system can also power electric vehicles…This is not yet for everyone, but in some case studies the ROI on this can be as low as 3.5 years including the capital cost of otherwise expensive electric trucks.”

Solpods are fully Australian Made and manufactured.

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