Solar on Warehouses: Large, Flat Rooftops are Ideal

Solar on Warehouses: Large, Flat Rooftops are Ideal

Large, flat rooftops are ideal conditions for solar PV.  Warehouses, superstores, shopping centres and distribution centres offer an incredible opportunity for solar on their sunny rooftops, generating energy and reducing emissions.

In Australia, the rooftops of many warehouses are without solar.  Commercial and industrial solar has yet to see the large uptake as per the domestic solar market.  Many businesses are thereby missing the opportunity to save money on electricity bills and reduce emissions.

Relocatable Solpods are designed to be rapidly installed on warehouses and able to be rented in line with property leases, see Solpod Rental.  Solar pods are a prefabricated group of solar PV panels, able to be redeployed after use without disturbing the roof sheet.

Warehouses in the US

The US has a total of 450,000 warehouse buildings with large, flat rooftops ideal for solar. During the COVID-19 pandemic, even more distribution warehouses were built in the US.

Environment America – Research & Policy Centre released a report in 2023 outlining the potential for solar on warehouses in the US, stating:  “Generating the full 185.6 TWh of clean solar power potential from America’s warehouses would reduce global warming pollution by more than 112 million metric tons of CO2 equivalent annually.”  This is the equivalent of removing 24 million petrol using cars off the roads for one year.

As well, the US has a total of 100,000 big box stores, that comprise superstores, big retails stores and similar.  Joanna Neumann from Environment America writes, “These roofs have the collective potential to generate enough electricity to power nearly 8 million average U.S. homes.”

Tackling climate change means that obvious opportunities to reducing emissions need to be taken.  At Solpod, we celebrate businesses that take the important step of adopting clean, renewable solar energy.

Corporate Social Responsibility – Sustainability 

Corporate social responsibility is an expectation of the community. Installing solar on large, flat rooftops is one significant way businesses can accommodate their responsibility.

The technology to install solar on warehouses and superstores is available now.  Solpod’s innovative solar pods mean businesses can rent solar for a short-term of several years, as opposed to the 25+ commitment required of standard solar.

The re-deployable capacity of our solar pods enables businesses to rent Solpods on terms aligned to a property lease.  The solar pods are prefabricated, flat-packed, trucked to site and installed via cranes.

Solpod installed solar panels on a shopping centre in Woolworths, Wellington NSW.  The system was 100kW, rapidlly installed in only one day.


Solpods are fully Australian Made and manufactured.  Start saving now, get in touch with our Solar team at or call 03 9089 0753.