Solpod’s technology portfolio delivers for installers, commercial landlords and renters.

Solpod is a manufacturer of a range of Australian Made and manufactured framing products and solutions which provides installers access to a safer and more efficient solar installation.

The Solpod Series and Mini Series product ranges have been developed by our innovative Solpod team, responding to the needs of business and installers.

Solpod Series

Solpods are prefabricated ‘pods’ of 10 panels (4.15kW per pod), which are then trucked to site and craned into position, connecting to pre-installed feet. Pods are pre-fabricated in a quality controlled factory environment.  The solar pods are tested and barcoded before leaving the factory.

Solpod has international patent protections pending on its technology.

A Solpod solar pod installation and mounting solution offers businesses and installers many distinct benefits:

  • Reduces construction time and disruption at site as the solar system is efficiently installed as solar ‘pods.’
  • Does not require penetrations into the roof sheet for fixing.
  • Improves system QA/QC outcomes, as more work is performed in a factory rather than on a roof.
  • Solpod is Australia’s only rooftop solar mounting manufacturer.
  • Provides future flexibility, as Solpods can be relocated if required.
  • Each pod is tilted up, yet self-shielding. Compared with a traditional tilted array, wind flows smoothly over each pod, greatly decreasing building wind loads.
  • Solpods also have the flexibility of being installated flush to the roof.

Solpods are available for a commercial rooftop installation as well as for ground mounting.

Find out more about the Solpod Roof and Solpod Ground.

Redeployable commercial solar

Solpods are a uniquely relocatable commercial solar product, available for roofs or ground mounting.

Solpod Mini

Solpod Mini is our rail-based rooftop solution. The Solpod Mini is smaller than the larger Solpods, and suitable for any roof.

  • Installed with a ‘no-reach’ assembly method, a new best practice in Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S).
  • On site assemblage.
  • A Solpod channel is used for cable management and array earthing.
  • The Mini Series can be installed in landscape ‘columns’ that proceed from gutter to roof ridge; or portrait ‘rows’ that proceed from side to side.
  • Corrosion Free: Aluminium pod feet are kept physically separate from steel roof sheeting, thereby avoiding any possibility of accelerated corrosion of the roof sheet via dissimilar metals.

The Solpod Minis can be installed in a variety of mounting options: flush, single tilt or dual tilt mounting.

Find out more about the Mini Series.

Solutions for complex roofs

For complex or constrained roof geometries, Solpod offers the ‘mini pod’, only 1/6 the size of a standard pod.

Minis can be installed flush to roofs with tilts of 10 degrees or greater.