Australian Commercial and Industrial Rooftop Solar Market Remains ‘Untapped’

Australian Commercial and Industrial Rooftop Solar Market Remains ‘Untapped’

The commercial and industrial rooftop solar can make a substantial contribution to Australia reaching its emissions reduction target.  C&I rooftop solar has yet to see the growth as seen in Australia’s successful domestic rooftop solar market, which means many sunny rooftops are primed to have solar installed.

The domestic rooftop solar has boomed in Australia, with 3.4 million homes having installed rooftop solar.  The Clean Energy Council says that rooftop solar in Australia “has been doing and continues to do a lot of the heavy lifting” in Australia’s decarbonisation process.

Yet, most commercial and industrial buildings have yet to install solar in Australia due to barriers faced by businesses, these include:

  • Difficulty in financing solar;
  • Negotiating solar contracts in accordance with tenancy agreements;
  • The long term commitment required of standard solar.

Solpod solar is different, having been purposely designed to help more businesses adopt solar and save on their energy costs.  Solpods can be rented and adopted for short term contracts of several years, ideal for businesses with property leases.

Image: Solpods being installed

Solpod Re-Deployable Commercial Solar

The Solpod team, experienced Australian solar executives, developed relocatable solar pods.  The innovation means that solar can be installed on rooftops on terms aligned to commercial  leases, better servicing business.

Each solar pod is a grouping of 10 solar PV panels that are pre-assembled in a quality controlled factory.  The pods are ideal for large, flat rooftops. Solpods have been installed across Australia including on shopping centres including Woolworths Wellington NSW, government buildings and landmark buildings including the newly built Allianz stadium in Moore Park, Sydney.

With so much information available about solar PV, customers might be confused about what products are available to suit their needs.  Solpod solar is designed to simplify the switch to rooftop solar for our customers, helping more businesses reduce their emissions.

Commercial & Industrial  Solar Can Help Australia Reach 2030 Renewable Target

Australia’s 2030 renewable target is set to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 43% below 2005 levels by 2030.  Australia’s goal is to have 82 per cent of its electricity generation sourced by renewables.

The International Energy Agency said of Australia’s targets: “Australia’s renewables deployment has a positive outlook thanks to the success of rooftop solar, ambitious targets, and increased funding at federal and state levels.”

Rachel Williamson in Renew Economy writes: “Australia will need 79 GW of renewables – 35 GW of rooftop solar PV and 44 GW of large-scale wind and solar generation – to meet its 2030 goal, under the step change scenario in the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO)’s 2022 Integrated System Plan (ISP).”

Currently, Australia has 21 GW of rooftop solar, according to 2022 data.  With commercial and industrial rooftop solar still largely untapped in Australia, many businesses can now adopt solar and help Australia meet it’s 2030 renewable target.

Rapidly Installed, Commercial Rooftop Solar

Solar PV technology is available now to help accelerate the energy transition and reflects the needs of business.  Solpod solar is rapid installed via cranes, with a 100kW installation typically completed in only one day.

See the following video of a Solpod install on NRGWise at Pakenham Isuzu in Melbourne, with install support from KushTech.


“Rooftop solar is playing a massive role in decarbonising the Australian energy grid and putting us on the path to 82 per cent renewable energy by 2030,” says Clean Energy Council Chief Executive, Kane Thornton.

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