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24 June 2020


Solpods are a sustainable solar photovoltaic panel (PV) Product, being fully recyclable.

If there are building developments or roof works, Solpods’ prefabrication and non roof penetrating mounting mean the mobile system can be recycled through relocation.

Standard solar array removal costs include disassembly, panel damage, reassembly and roof repair.   Standard solar is fixed to roofs with thousands of roof-penetrating screws and bolts, making removal costly and difficult.  These costs make relocation of standard solar not feasible and force the investment to be viewed as a long-term sunk cost.

Solpods are recyclable and do not need to be scrapped as per standard solar.

20 June 2020


During Covid-19 and a time of social distancing, your business most likely requires very few extraneous people at your premises.  Standard solar would present some interruption to this due to the installation process taking several weeks. 

Solpod uses 80% less labour on roofs compared to standard solar, with a standard 100kW installation occuring within only one day.

This is due to the fact our solar pods are prefabricated, rather than needing lengthy assemblage times on roofs.  Solpods are trucked from the factory and fixed to roofs via cranes.

Choosing Solpod means less people around your premises and minimal disruption due to the rapid installation time.

18 June 2020


If you have considered solar for your business but not gone ahead, Solpod may be for you.  Solpod is a new product that warrants your business looking at solar again. 

Solpod is the world’s first redeployable solar solution.  Being redeployable, the most significant advantage offered by Solpod to business is that now solar can be offered on a short term basis.  

Solpod Rental: Through Solpod, your business can now rent solar systems for less than years.  Other solar solutions require a 10+ year commitment to solar, too long a time frame for many commercial landlords and renters.

Roof Warranties Intact:  Solpod’s patent protected technology means that our solar arrays are fixed to roofs with non-penetrating technology.  There are no screws or bolts that fix the arrays to roofs.  If circumstances change, the Solpods remove with ease, and the roof ‘made good.’


Contact to find out how your business could benefit from solar with Solpod’s easy and flexible terms.

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