Solpod Leads in Solar Waste Minimisation

Solar Pods are Reusable Through Redeployment

There is community concern about the sustainability of solar PV materials, with new recycling plants being established to help manage solar panel waste.  Solpod has developed a commercial rooftop solar PV solution that leads in sustainability and waste minimisation, as our pods are re-usable through redeployment.

Queensland recently announced they will move to ban the dumping of solar panels into landfill at the end of their lifecycle.  Rachel Williamson in Renew Economy writes that the rest of Australia has no mandated solar PV panel recycling schemes.

Solpod lessens the environmental impact of solar waste through the lifecycle of our solar pods, meeting all three Rs of sustainability.  The three Rs are hierarchical, meaning it is more sustainable to Reduce before Re-using and more sustainable to Re-Use before Recycling.

Reduce: Solpod’s efficient removal and reinstallation means less solar panels will be scrapped Solpods are prefabricated in a factory controlled setting, meaning less solar panels are damaged during their lifecycle.

Re-Use: Solpods can be effiecntly removed and redeployed to another site  Choosing a Solpod solar installation allows for the possibility that the Solpods could be removed and re-used through redeployment within their 30 year lifecycle.

Recycle: Solpods and panels are fully recyclable.  Our solar panels are recyclable.  Solpod exceeds industry standard with our ability to Reduce and Reuse, steps higher in the three Rs hierarchy.

Queensland To Ban Scrapping of Solar Panels 

The Queensland Government recently released a draft plan that includes a proposal to reduce solar panel waste.  Announced on Clean Up Australia Day, the plan means that within 10 years, solar panels will be banned from ending up in landfill in Queesnland.

Minister for Environment and Science Meaghan Scanlon said: “Our Energy and Jobs Plan will deliver even more cheaper, cleaner power – and we want to ensure that this commitment to sustainability carries through our whole economy.”

The issue of solar panel waste is a serious consideration, where it is predicted to grow by 2030 to 17,000 tonnes in Queensland.  Ms Scanlon said: “We know that like other forms of e-waste, there is huge potential for parts to be recycled and in some instances repaired instead of ending up in landfill.”

Concerns About Solar Waste

The Solpod team are proud that we can offer our customers a leading solar pv product in sustainability.  Our rapid install solar pods are moveable and able to re-deployed without disturbing the roof sheet or solar panels.

When you choose a Solpod installation for your business, as a renter or property owner, you can be assured that the product you are choosing will be re-usable through its lifecycle for your own business or another.

There is opportunity to feedback on the draft plan announced by the Queensland Government.  Smart Energy Council Acting Chief Executive Wayne Smith says: “The Smart Energy Council will establish a Solar Stewardship Scheme Consultative Committee, including solar PV manufacturers, distributors, retailers, installers and certificate traders; recycling companies; regulators; local councils and Queensland Government representatives.”

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