Solpod is the world’s first redeployable rooftop solar solution.  Solpod provides solar to commercial and industrial rooftop sites, using multi-panel ‘pods’ that are efficient to install, remove and relocate.  Solpod’s innovative design and installation process means businesses can now benefit from short-term solar leasing, rather than committing to a long-term solar asset purchase.

Solpod is a uniquely designed solar array and highly efficient solar installation process.  Our solar pods are made of 10 solar photovoltaic panels, prefabricated in a quality-controlled factory environment, craned onto site, and fixed to roofs with non-penetrating feet.  Each pod provides 4kW, with a usual roof top installation for our clients starting at 40kW.

Solpods are relocatable if a business moves or is sold, and are available for leasing.  Solpod leasing over a short time period (1-5 years) is a new and flexible way many businesses can now benefit from solar energy and reduced power bills.   Businesses that were previously unable to choose solar due to financing and time constraints, can now do so. 

Solpod is proud to enable more businesses utilise solar, aiding in the shift to a zero emissions economy.

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Why choose solpod?

Choosing our uniquely relocatable Solpods means your business has the flexibility to move your solar array if needed. 

Standard solar panels are permanent roof fixtures.  Changing the roofline or restoring the roof to its prior condition is tricky and expensive, completely negating the value of the Solar PV installation. 

Solpod makes it easy for the solar arrays to be moved when circumstances change, such as:

  • Building works that require roof modifications
  • Moving out of a leased site
  • Roof repairs
  • Roof warranty issues

Solpod is a world first in rooftop Solar PV, designed with A-frame pods with two wings that unfold at installation, and fold back after removal.  Flat packed, the pods are easy to move to a different site, leaving the rooftop undamaged and warranty intact.

Solpod is versatile and non-penetrating on a wide range of metal roof sheets.  Unlike other rooftop solar products, Solpod does not screw through the roof sheet, leaving roof warranties intact. 

Our solar arrays are fixed to roofs using our certified Solpod Adhesive Feet, and do not penetrate the roof sheet.  Solpods are easily removed and ‘the roof made good’.

Standard solar penetrates the roof sheet with thousands of screws, which risks leaks, rust and voiding roof warranties.   

Many commercial and industrial sites, including many coolstores, have chosen not to install solar due to the need for roof penetrating screws.  Solpod is the changemaker that warrants these businesses consider solar again.

Solpods are prefabricated in a quality controlled factory environment and flatpacked.  They can be delivered anywhere in the world via standard and high top shipping containers. 

Each container of Solpods represents more than 140kW per container, offering significant efficiencies to project logistics costs.

Solpods are prefabricated in a quality controlled factory.  This means that each pod is built by an experienced crew with multiple quality, tag-and-tested checks through the production process. 

Standard solar installs require prolonged onsite assembly in an uncontrolled environment.  Varying skill levels and the schedule of independent contractors also contribute to variability of quality in the industry.

Our prefabricated systems are cost comparable to standard solar, with the added benefit of enhanced quality control.   

With our unique construction and rapid installation process, Solpod sets a new Best Practice in Safety for Commercial & Industrial (C&I) Solar.    

Whilst safety is of utmost importance to all, using Solpod means optimal safety for the personnel involved in your commercial solar installation:  Solpod uses 80% less labour on rooftops than standard solar, and needs no manual heavy lifting or manipulation.   With less labour on roofs, there is a greatly reduced risk of injury or accidents at the worksite.

Solpod has been reviewed by registered structural engineers and certified to comply with all applicable safety standards and regulations.

Solpod is proudly Australian designed and made. We use locally sourced extruded aluminium as well as an Australian based assembly team.