‘Outstanding Economics’ Supporting Rooftop Solar PV Growth Australia

‘Outstanding Economics’ Supporting Rooftop Solar PV Growth Australia

At a time when businesses are concerned with the increasing cost of energy, rooftop solar PV delivers on its promise of being economically viable.  The recently released 2022 International Energy Agency (IEA) Photovoltaic Power Systems Programme (PVPS)  Report showed favourable economics for rooftop solar in Australia:

“2023 is expected to see stability in rooftop solar – with some growth in commercial and industrial installations. The economic fundamentals for residential and commercial PV are outstanding.”

Alongside households, the commercial sector is exposed to the expensive and rising price of electricity.  Rooftop solar PV is not only helping businesses reduce their carbon emissions, but helping to reduce costly energy bills.

The IEA reports on rooftop solar PV in Australia: “The Commercial PV deployment continues to grow and corporate interest in solar PPAs is building.”

Solpod Offers Easy, No-Fuss Commercial Rooftop Solar 

Solpod has made it easier for the commercial sector to adopt rooftop solar.  Our innovative and award winning solar pods are prefabricated, which means an easy and rapid install for our clients.

As Solpods are uniquely redeployable, you can choose a subscription service if that most suits your business.  Your business could be saving money from day one with a Solpod solar lease.

See the following video that showcases a range of clients that are benefiting from clean, renewable energy with Solpod solar:

Solpods are ideal on large, flat roofs such as warehouses, shopping centres, cool stores, industrial sites and superstores.  Many such commercial buildings could productively use their roofs by installing solar PV thereby generating clean, renewable energy.

Renewable Energy Transition in Australia

Alongside the reported ‘outstanding economics’ underlying rooftop solar, there is more good news underlying Australia’s grid capacity.   Australia is producing more renewable energy, with solar and wind proving cost effective in the energy transition.  Prof. Andrew Blakers (ANU) and Prof. Ricardo Rüther (UFSC) wrote in Renew Economy:

“Currently, Australia procures 38% of the electricity in its National Electricity Market from renewables, mostly from solar and wind. The government target is 82% renewable electricity by 2030… Australia is finding the task of managing high levels of solar and wind to be easier and less expensive than many people anticipated.”

Solpod is proudly helping more businesses enhance their sustainability efforts and contribute to Australia’s clean energy transition.

Solpods are fully Australian Made and manufactured in Dandenong, a suburb of Melbourne.

Start saving now, get in touch with our Solar team at hello@solpod.com.au or call 03 9089 0753.