How Solpod Rooftop Solar is Different

Re-deployable Solpod Solar

We know we have developed an exceptional solar product that is helping more businesses reduce their emissions and save money on electricity.  But how is Solpod Rooftop solar different from the many other solar choices available for businesses right now?

The feature that most sets Solpod apart from other commercial solar is that our Solpods are re-deployable. The capability of our solar pods to be removed and re-installed elsewhere is patent-protected.

As our pods are redeployable, it means we can offer terms and solutions to our commercial customers previously not available.

Solpods are Rentable

Customers now have the choice to subscribe to rooftop solar PV for a short-term commitment.  Previously, customers were required to commit to purchasing a solar installation that was fixed to the roof over the long term (25+ years).

Solpods are secured to the roof with technology that does not penetrate the roof sheet. Our modular pods can be moved and re-used.

Able to be aligned to a property lease, now businesses who rent their buidings can access solar.

Property owners who require access to the rooftop in the case of redevelopment or otherwise can easily remove the solar pods, ready for re-installation elsewhere.

Prefabricated Solar Means Easy, Quick & Safer Installation

Our pods are prefabricated in a factory controlled setting.  As the assemblage has occurred prior to delivery to the customer’s site, much less time is required on the rooftop to install each system.

Image: Solpod Unfolds

Each Solpod consists of 10 solar PV panels, installed via a crane.  A 100kW sized Solpod system can be installed in less than a day.

The assistance of cranes to secure the pre-assembled pods into place means there is less fuss and time spent on roofs by our installers. The Solpod installation method is safer than a standard solar installation which requires awkwardly reaching over the panels to secure them at heights.

Australian Made and Manufactured

Solpods are fully Australian Made and manufactured.  Our solar pods are pre-assembled in a factory in Dandenong with strict quality controls.  Dandenong is a suburb of Southern Eastern Melbourne, an area highly regarded for its manufacturing.

The Australian Made campaign means that Solpod customers are assured a high standard product alongside supporting local jobs and manufacturing.

Solpod proudly capitalises on Australia’s success in rooftop solar PV and this is reflected in the innovation and design of our products.

Award Winning Innovation

The Australia-based Solpod founders are all experienced solar executives who understand the needs of the commercial and industrial sector.

Solpod is recognised in the solar industry for our innovative pods, we have been awarded the following:

2021 Start Up Energy Transition Top 100 Energy Start-Up

2020 Premier’s Design Awards Finalist, Product Design Category

2019 Most Innovative Solar Solution, Solar Cutters

2018-2020 Arena Grant Award

Solpods have been installed around Australia including on Moore Park, Allianz Stadium, Google Australia’s Headquarters at GPT’s Workplace 6 Building in Pyrmont, Sydney and Woolworths Wellington, NSW.

Get in touch with our team to find out more about how Solpod solar solutions could benefit your business, contact or call 03 9089 0753.