Rooftop Solar Setting a New Record in Australia

Rooftop Solar Setting New Record in Australia

Over the last summer, rooftop solar supplied more electricity to Australia than brown coal.  Analysis on the trend was provided by the Clean Energy Council, which reported that the systems also outperformed other renewables including grid-scale wind and solar farms.

“Australia is a world leader in rooftop solar,” said Clean Energy Council Chief Executive Kane Thornton.

Remarkably, the impressive result was despite the Australian 2022/2023 summer had reduced hours of sunshine with more cloudy days compared to other years.

James Larratt, CEO of Solpod says: “These results affirm our promotion of rooftop solar in its ability to save our customers money and reduce emissions.  There are many unnecessarily empty commercial and industrial rooftops that could be used to generate clean, renewable electricity.”

Rising Cost of Electricity a Driver for New Installations

Inflation, the cost of living crisis and rising energy prices mean many customers are looking for ways to save money.  Installing rooftop solar is an affordable and easy way to save money on the price of electricity.

“There is no doubt with inflation and cost of living pressures, people are turning to rooftop solar in record numbers,” Thornton said.

The Clean Energy Council reports that the total output for rooftop solar was 8046 gigawatt hours over summer.  This is an increase of 19.5 per cent compared to Australia’s previous summer.

“Thousands of Australians are switching to rooftop solar and seeing their benefits to their hip pockets and the environment.”

Most Commercial Rooftops in Australia Yet to Install Solar

Solpod developed re-deployable solar to help more businesses save money and access renewable energy.  Many buildings are leased and these businesses face barriers to installing solar.

Businesses who cannot afford to commit to a long-term solar contract, or who are renting the building they occupy, can still access rooftop solar.  Solpod offers a solar subscription service.  Our Solpods are rapidly installed via cranes and not permanently fixed to the roof.

Solpod’s rooftop solar leasing is possible due to the ability of the prefabricated solar pods to be moved.  Our award winning solar solutions have helped many businesses throughout Australia save with solar.

One satisfied customer is Colonial Brewery who installed Solpods on their buildings in Port Melbourne. See the following video:

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