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Solar rentals in Togara, QLD, 4702

This page shows how renting or buying solar panels in Togara, can help save you money and the environment. Calculate solar power yield for your business in Togara.

The benefits of solar power are no secret to the Togara community. Over 23.53 million dollars (15,025 kW) of solar panels have been deployed in Togara and surrounding suburbs (Alberta, Alsace, Alton Downs, Arcadia Valley, Argoon, Balcomba, Banana, Baralaba, Barnard, Bingegang, Blackdown, Bluff, Boolburra, Bouldercombe, Bundoora, Bushley, Canal Creek, Canoona, Cawarral, Cheeseborough, Comet, Consuelo, Coomoo, Coorooman, Coorumbene, Coowonga, Dalma, Dingo, Dixalea, Dululu, Dumpy Creek, Etna Creek, Fork Lagoons, Gainsford, Garnant, Gindie, Glenroy, Gogango, Goomally, Goovigen, Goowarra, Gordonstone, Gracemere, Humboldt, Jardine, Jellinbah, Joskeleigh, Kabra, Kalapa, Keppel Sands, Kokotungo, Kunwarara, Lowesby, Mackenzie, Marmor, Midgee, Milman, Mimosa, Morinish, Morinish South, Mount Chalmers, Nine Mile, Parkhurst, Pheasant Creek, Pink Lily, Rewan, Ridgelands, Rolleston, Rossmoya, Shoalwater, Smoky Creek, South Yaamba, Stanage, Stanwell, Stewarton, Tarramba, The Caves, The Gemfields, Thompson Point, Tungamull, Ulogie, Wallaroo, Westwood, Willows, Woolein, Wooroona, Wowan and Wycarbah) as the community prioritises saving dollars and the environment.

Lock in the benefits of solar by renting solar panels from Solpod and be cashflow positive from day 1. The SOLPOD RENTAL uniquely delivers businesses in Togara savings with only a minimum commitment of 3 years, and even bigger savings can be made for longer commitments. This is possible because of our patent protected solar pods, which enable efficient installation and redeployment.

Businesses and residents of Togara are collectively generating $5,260,002 of energy at retail prices a year! This is based on an average of 72,055 kWh of energy production a day and retail electricity costs of 20c per kilowatt-hour. The solar panels in Togara are also offsetting greenhouse gas emission, with the solar systems in Togara reducing 21,040 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions every year.

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solar rental in Togara

Considering renting solar panels in Togara? Try our solar lease calculator for commerical buildings.

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Your business in Togara will be $ better off per year after paying for the solar rental. After the year rental term you will be $ better off!

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* above 50 is good, 100 is optimal.

solar renting in Togara

Solar power availability in Togara

Togara gets solar irradiation levels of an annual average of 5.72 kilowatt hours per square metre. The following graph shows the daily average solar irradiation/power levels per kW installed in Togara for each month.

solar leasing in Togara

Solar leasing potential for commerical properties in Togara

Commercial rental properties in Togara Potential savings from solar
38 Taylor Street Keppel Sands, QLD 4702
Electricy savings: $1,111,600 p.a
More info about installing a commercial solar system at
38 Taylor Street
6 Lawrie Street Gracemere, QLD 4702
Land/Development, Retail
Electricy savings: $59,900 p.a
More info about installing a commercial solar system at
6 Lawrie Street
Retail, Other
Electricy savings: $509,000 p.a
More info about installing a commercial solar system at
6 Kabra Road Kabra, QLD 4702
Electricy savings: $1,105,600 p.a
More info about installing a commercial solar system at
6 Kabra Road

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