Solpod Installation on Bentspoke Brewing Co

Bentspoke Brewery Co has proudly installed Solpod redeployable rooftop solar onto their warehouse sites in Canberra.  The solar installation will help  enhance their corporate sustainability and reduce their carbon footprint.

Richart Watkins, Owner and Head Brewer from Bentspoke Brewing Co said: “We are continuing the Bentspoke sustainability program by installing solar on the roofs of our sites in Mitchell.”

The solar system installed is 148kW of solar panels across the Bentspoke Canberra buildings in Braddon that comprise a cannery and warehouse.

Bentspoke was founded in 2014 as a Brewpub, and have since embarked on a process of continued improvement, including the establishment of sustainability program.

Bentspoke consider the use of high quality natural ingredients, including barley hops and water, as important for the quality of the brewery and beer.  Now Bentspoke Brewery Co is also “turning sunshine into beer.”

Solpod’s Co-Founder and CEO, James Larratt, said of the installation: “Solpod is proud that our redeployable rooftop solar product is being used on local breweries, helping them to save on the cost of energy and reduce their emissions.”

See the following short video about the installation:

Rani Oor Deas, Sustainability Officer at Bentspoke Brewing Co said, “The installation of these solar panels is another step forward in their journey in sustainable development.  And as we are gaining traction further with all of these major milestones, it’s only going to grow as we learn through research and through the greater brewing industry as well.”

Solpod’s redeployable rooftop solar systems, marketed as Solpod Roof, have the distinct advantage over competitive products of being efficient to install and remove.  The solar pods are prefabricated in a factory in Melbourne, and rapidly installed with cranes.

Alex Hagan, Business Development and Operations expert at Solpod, explained: “We lift the panels onto the roof with a crane. We do that really quickly and we can do that in the reverse and take them off the building.  This means that people who rent the buildings can go solar.”

Solpod has also installed solar at another local brewery, Colonial Brewery, located in Port Melbourne.  A key factor in Colonial Brewery choosing Solpod for its rooftop solar is our ability to rapidly install.

To find out more about Solpod’s rapid install solar pods or other solar products on offer, please contact or call +03 9089 0753.

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