Solpod’s solar rooftop system powering Globe HQ

Globe HQ is now fully operated by renewable energy.  Solpod designed and installed a 265kW rooftop solar system for Globe’s Headquarters in Port Melbourne.  With 650 commercial solar panels on the rooftop, Globe’s Global Office is now 100% powered by renewable energy.

On the Shop-Eat-Surf page, Globe announced: “This massive new sustainable energy investment will take the site from being 100% dirty-coal based power to fully renewable power sourced in Melbourne.”

Solpod’s solar installation covers 80% of the energy used at Globe HQ, or 342MWh annually.  The remaining 20% of Globe’s energy will be GreenPower purchased from the grid.

During the first year of operation, the ‘massive’ solar array will offset 366 tonnes of carbon.  Globe says of their switch to 100% renewable energy: “This arrangement includes an embedded network supplying all Globe’s neighbouring businesses, including mechanics, cafes, a barber, gym and production offices, so they will all be using 100% green electricity as well.”

Globe released a video of the solar installation, stating:  “The switch to renewable power at our head office is just another step forward for Globe, we’re taking decisive action to represent the values and priorities of our staff and founders.”



Globe is an international network of riders and designers, emerging out of the underground street culture and skate scene in Melbourne.  Globe’s CEO Matt Hill said: “Now that our Headquarters has been transitioned to fully renewable power sources, we’re fired up about getting on with many more sustainable changes in the business ahead, taking decisive action to represent the values and priorities of our staff, founders, customers and brand ethos.”

Globe has had a long-standing commitment to social and corporate responsibility.  “As a company with a focus on youth culture, a sustainable approach has long been part of our common workplace practices across our global operations”.

In 2017, Globe celebrated 30 years of operations.  At that time, the Globe team decided to have an even more consistent and formalised approach to sustainability.  Repurposing Globe’s existing building, rather than rebuilding, formed part of their philosophy to sustainability.

Solpod was thrilled to be part of Globe’s shift to 100% renewable energy through the design and installation of the large rooftop solar array.

Solpod is getting closer to launching a new standard solar product range.  To find out more about Solpod’s commercial solar solutions, contact or +03 9089 0753.