6 Reasons Landlords Love Solpod

Solpod is favoured by landlords as we offer a unique redeployable rooftop solar solution which sets us apart from standard solar.  Here are 6 reasons why landlords love Solpod.

1.  Happy Commercial Tenants

Customers benefit from rooftop solar through reduced power bills, at a time of escalating electricity prices.

Building tenants are also satisfied knowing they are using renewable energy and reducing their emissions.

2.  Capital Investment in Their Building, Funded by Others

Solpods can be leased by the tenant, meaning the funding for the rooftop solar system is not derived from the landlord themselves.

The property has a higher standard of sustainability and enhanced with a rooftop solar system, with no cost required of the landlord.

3.  No Need to Create Thousands of Holes in the Roof to Fix the Panels

Solpods are secured to the rooftop via a non-adhesive technology.

In contrast, standard solar requires thousand of screws and holes to secure the system to the rooftop.  Standard solar is a permanent fixture, unlike Solpods which can be removed without disturbing the rooftop.

4.  Option to Buyout the Solar System Now or in the Future with Paybacks as Low as 2 years

Solpod offers flexible financing of the Solpod system, depending on the needs of our customers.  Solpods can be leased or purchased.

Customers can also choose to buyout a system they currently lease. There is a payback option from as little as 2 years.

5.  Solar System Removed at no Cost if No Longer Wanted by Landlord or Tenant

As Solpods are prefabricated, we have made the installation and removal easy and cost effective.  At the end of the lease, our systems can be removed at no cost if wanted by the landlord or tenant.

6.  No long Term Constraints to the Building Site

Our solar pods can be removed from the rooftop after the lease has ended.  Solpod offers short term lease options with no long term constraints.

Some solar contracts last 30 years, meaning landlords would need to ‘buy out’ the contract if they wished to exit.  A buy out price on a 15 year old standard system with a further 15 years remaining on the contract, may be priced similar to a brand new system.

Thus if the landlord wishes to dismantle and redevelop the site, standard solar contracts are constraining. Solpod offers our clients flexible and shorter-length terms.

Image: Solpods installed on Google Australia’s HQ, building owned by GPT

Find out more about how a Solpod solar solution would suit your property situation.  Email info@solpod.com.au or call +03 9089 0753.