Bureau Veritas Solpod Solar Project Awarded ‘Most Impactful Initiative’

Bureau Veritas Solpod Solar Project Awarded ‘Most Impactful Initiative’

Solpod congratulates Bureau Veritas on their winning solar project, that received ‘Most Impactful Initiative.’  Solpod solar PV was installed on Bureau Veritas buildings across three sites in Australia, including buildings in Adelaide.

Bureau Veritas writes: “The Group recognized outstanding people and teams who have implemented meaningful initiatives to reduce CO2 emissions, through a global internal campaign aligned with COP 27.”  Across the global offices of Bureau Veritas, 60 initiatives were submitted to showcase corporate sustainability.
The winning solar project incorporated three building sites with more than 1600 solar panels.  “Use of renewable energy will significantly reduce the sites’ carbon pollution, cutting over 712 tons of COemissions per year,” reports Bureau Veritas.

Bureau Veritas reports this total as being the equivalent of planting 4070 trees or providing renewable energy to 610 houses.

Bureau Veritas Promoting Corporate Sustainability & Emissions Reduction

Bureau Veritas is proudly promoting a commitment to being a world leader in sustainability: “In the framework of its internal CSR strategy, Shaping a Better World, Bureau Veritas is committed to being a role model for the industry, notably in carbon footprint reduction and biodiversity protection.”

“With a strong ambition to achieve 2 tons of CO2 emissions1 per employee (per annum) by 2025, Bureau Veritas wants to be exemplary in order to Shape a Better Environment.”

Solpod is proud to help more businesses adopt solar and achieve their corporate sustainability aims.  Solpod developed a solar solution that means businesses can access and benefit from rooftop solar aligned to their property leases.   Our solar pods are rapidly fixed to the roof using cranes and can be removed without disturbing the roofsheet or the panels.

Solpod has helped Bureau Veritas achieve their corporate sustainability aims through installing redeployable solar pods.  Bureau Veritas installed solar pv on their offices in Wingfield, Adelaide, SA, Wyalla, SA and Cardiff Newcastle, NSW.

Solpod Solar Installed on Bureau Veritas Wingfield, Adelaide

Of the Most Impactful Initiative, about half the project was the Solpod solar installation on Bureau Veritas buildings on Wingfield, Adelaide.  Solpod installed a 423kW sized solar pv system with 810 solar panels.

See the following images of the Solpod solar installation on Bureau Veritas Wingfield:

81 solar pods were rapidly installed on this site in only two days.  Solpod achieves rapid installation as we prefabricate our solar pods in a factory, cutting out assemblage time at site usually seen with standard rooftop solar installs.

Bureau Veritas chose to lease these solar pods with a Solpod Rental solution aligned to their property lease.

Rob Tawil, Vice President of Agri-Food & Commodities, Bureau Veritas Pacific Region, said:  “At Bureau Veritas, we help companies, governments and public authorities reduce their risks in terms of health, quality, safety, environmental protection and social responsibility. Being a Business to Business to Society company comes with a duty: to be exemplary in terms of sustainability internally, and to be a role model for industry in this area. Occupying greener buildings that are powered by clean, renewable energy perfectly illustrate our commitment to act responsibly in order to Shape a Better World”.

Solpods are proudly Australian Made and manufactured.  Find out more about Solpod’s redeployable solar pods by emailing info@solpod.com.au or call +03 9089 0753.