Allianz Stadium Abates Carbon Equivalent to 1200 Trees, with Solpod Solar

Solpod Solar Installed on Allianz Stadium

In 2022, 176kW of Solpod solar PV was installed on the newly built, state-of-the-art Allianz Stadium in Sydney.  Allianz Stadium announced at the time of its opening: “Through the newest Allianz Stadium, we are setting a new standard for stadium sustainability.”

The Allianz Stadium in Moore Park, redeveloped from ‘Sydney Football Stadium’, has a seating capacity of 42,500 and was built within 2.5 years.  We are thrilled that a Solpod solar solution is helping to power this incredible world-class venue and congratulates Genelec Power Solutions for a successful installation.
Image: Solar PV Installed on Allianz Stadium

The Allianz Stadium reports on their commitment to sustainability: “At Allianz, we have strong environmental, societal and governance (ESG) commitment, and through Allianz Stadium we’re pleased to support exceptional standards for stadium sustainability.”

A Solpod Mini solar solution was chosen for this project, comprising 400 solar panels overall.

Allianz writes: “Solar paneling and water harvesting solutions mean the stadium exceeds energy and water efficiency benchmarks by as much as 20 per cent.”

Image: Solar PV on Allianz Stadium

Solpod takes great pride in helping the commercial and industrial sector meet their sustainability goals through our award winning solar solutions.  The installation of solar PV is a key sustainability feature of Allianz Stadium.

Allianz Stadium states: “The stadium’s lightweight roof structure uses 40% less steel than a typical venue of the same size, and the building hosts integrated solar panels and water harvesting solutions.”

Allianz Stadium Installed our Solpod Mini

The Solpod Mini product was chosen as it suited the rooftop space available.  The Mini is smaller than our larger solar pods and can be fitted around roof obstructions and assembled to suit a wide range of roof variations.

The multifunctional Solpod Mini can be installed in flush-mount or in a north facing or east-west orientation.  See our introductory video:

The NSW government funded the international standard sporting and entertainment precinct, with Aurecon, the structural and civil engineer, the architects Cox Architecture and the contractor John Holland Group.  See the video of the Allianz Stadium prepared by Aurecon, with great views of the Solpod Mini system installed at the front of the stadium:

The Solpod Minis installed on the stadium have the combined capacity to abate the carbon equivalent of planting 1200 trees.  Cox Architecture wrote in fcbusiness Magazine:

“Our roof structure used 40 per cent less steel in its construction, offering a carefully resolved stadium profile while reducing the building’s impact on its parkland location….There are nearly 400 solar panels on the project. Even the cups used during events come from plant-based plastics!”

Australian Made Solar

Solpod Minis, alongside our larger solar pods, are proudly Australian Made and Manufactured.  Solpod’s solar PV solutions are manufactured in Dandenong, Melbourne.

Our commitment is to help more businesses reduce their emissions and save dollars.  Solpod has solutions for those who rent a commercial property or who may expand into a new facility.


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