New Programs to Solar Power Australian Schools

New Programs to Solar Power Australian Schools

Programs across the country that support the use of renewable energy in schools are well up and running, with new rooftop solar projects underway this year.  The trend reveals community and governmental support towards reducing carbon emissions, and the cost effectiveness of solar at a time of increasing electricity costs.

The Greener Government Schools Building Program is providing $4.6 million funding for Victorian schools to access solar.  Victorian Minister for Education Natalie Hutchins said: “Installing solar power systems helps reduce power bills for our schools at a time when the cost of living is high, as well as benefiting the environment.”

Rooftop solar PV ideal for Australia’s sunny conditions and makes use of otherwise unproductive space.  232 Victorian schools will reduce 24,000 of carbon emissions by participating in the program.

Ms Hutchings said: “Schools can use significant amounts of electricity each day to support students’ learning – and that’s why we’re investing in making our schools even more environmentally sustainable.”

Solpod solar is a rapidly installed, prefabricated solar solution. Ours solar pods can be moved and redeployed, suitable for buildings where only a short planning cycle is possible, for example:

  • Temporary buildings such as school portables;
  • Demountables;
  • Buildings with rooftops that are scheduled for replacement.

Solpods can be installed and removed after several years, without disturbance to the roofsheet or the solar panels.

Image: Solpod Unfolding

Largest School-Based Renewable Energy Project in NSW

Public schools in NSW are participating in a Virtual Power Plant trial, as part of the NSW Liberal and Nationals Government’s Smart Energy Schools Pilot project. Rooftop solar and battery storage combined will be used on 79 schools, the largest renewable school-based project of its type  in Australia.

1500 public schools in NSW already have solar installed. Sarah Mitchell, NSW Minister for Education and Early Learning said: “These solar systems have also helped to reduce the schools’ electricity costs by almost $100,000 and cut carbon emissions from electricity supply by more than 50 percent.”

The Australian Parents for Climate Action have been cmapgining for more schools to access and benefit from rooftop solar. Their CEO Nic Seton welcomed the new project in NSW: “Energy costs are climbing and solar and batteries are a smart investment that will lower costs for schools, stabilise local energy supply, and provide more cheap, clean energy for NSW residents.”

Solpod Re-deployble Solar

Solpod’s re-deployable solar pods and mounting solutions are proudly Australian Made and manufactured, helping to support Australian jobs and local economy.

The Solpod Team are thrilled to see action being demonstrated on climate change  to our students through adopting rooftop solar on our schools.

The Minister for Climate Action Lily D’Ambrosio said: “We’re helping schools to reduce their energy cost and lower emissions while teaching students a real-life lesson about the importance of climate action.”

Find out more about how Solpod’s solar solutions could help your business or commercial property reduce emissions and save money at the same time.  Email or call +03 9089 0753.