20 Gigawatts of Solar PV Installed on Australia’s Rooftops

20 Gigawatts of Solar PV Installed on Australia’s Rooftops

Australia has installed 20GW of solar across the country’s rooftops, totalling 3.4 million small solar PV systems.  This impressive milestone was reached in February 2023, according to analysis released by SunWiz.

Elouise Fowler from the Financial Review reports: “Installed rooftop capacity cruised past 3.4 million homes and businesses in February, with users seeking relief from the East Coast electricity market crunch driven by the global energy crisis.”

Rooftop solar continues to be embraced by Australians, with solar installed on one in three households. There remains great scope for businesses to adopt solar on their rooftops, with many unaware of new products on offer that suit their needs.

Solpod now offers solar through a subscription service.  Our solar pods are re-deployable, providing a flexibility to businesses not previously seen in the industry.

Solar PV in Australia

Solar continues to trend up in Australia. The ABC reports: “Rooftop solar is poised to overtake coal as Australia’s biggest source of generation capacity, as the rapid pace of new installations accelerates the decline of fossil fuel-fired power.”

Since 2008, Australia’s expertise in solar is helping to accelerate the energy transition.  Fowler writes: “In addition to rooftop solar power systems there are over 11GW of larger industrial solar power systems and grid-scale solar farms”.

Solpod’s award winning solar pods have helped many businesses save money and meet their sustainability goals across Australia.

In 2020, Solpod was awarded Victorian Premier’s Design Awards Finalist for our re-deployable rooftop solar pods. The Solpod team are experienced solar executives who developed a solar product that better served the needs of businesses.

In 2021, Solpod was awarded the global #SET100 Award by Start up Energy Transition.  Start Up Energy Transition recognises Solpod as servicing businesses who are unlikely to commit to 15-25 year standard solar system, as well as our fast installation service.

Solpod Commercial and Industrial Solar

Solpod has helped many businesses save money and reduce their emissions through our innovative solar solutions.

As well as receiving Victorian Premier’s Design Awards Finalist and global #SET100 Award,   Solpod received the Most Innovative Solar Solution at the 2019 Solar Cutters Award.

Our innovative solar pods have been installed on commercial buildings and industrial sites across Australia.

One happy customer includes Bentspoke Brewery, who chose to install 148kW of Solpod solar across their Canberra buildings in Braddon.  Bentspoke was founded in 2014 as ‘Brewpub’, and have since established a sustainability program.


“At Bentspoke we are committed to investing in innovation and equipment to ensure that the impact we have on our local community and environment is always a positive one.

That is why we have partnered with Solpod, an Australian Solar Panel Manufacturer to install 148kw of solar panels on the roofs of our cannery and warehouse in Canberra.”

Solpod solar is proudly Australian Made and manufactured, helping to support the local economy and create jobs.

Find out more about how Solpod’s solar solutions could help your business reduce emissions and save money at the same time.  Email hello@solpod.com.au or call +03 9089 0753.