Re-deployable Solar Ideal for New Infrastructure Construction

NSW Announces Decarbonisation in Infrastructure Project Design

The design of new infrastructure projects in NSW will account for carbon, in a state led effort to reduce carbon emissions.  New business cases for infrastructure projects have the opportunity to incorporate renewable energy use into planning, including the incorporation of solar PV.

“Reducing carbon emissions from infrastructure projects saves money, saves time, and helps save the planet,” Minister for Infrastructure Rob Stokes said.

“What gets measured gets managed, which is why we’re introducing a standardised carbon measurement tool across Government projects, ensuring NSW remains a national leader when it comes to action on climate change.”

Solpod solar is a commercial and industrial solar solution that can be efficiently installed and removed, ideal for the construction phase of new infrastructure projects.

The construction of Western Sydney Airport has commenced, with sustainability features being an important to its design: “Sustainability is a key consideration, with the terminal designed to bring in natural light and reduce carbon emissions. The terminal roof will be productive, generating solar electricity and harvesting rainwater.”

Re-deployable Solar Powering Construction of New Infrastructure

New infrastructure projects have the potential to abate carbon during construction  through using clean, renewable solar PV energy.  Solpod re-deployable solar is ideal for use by contractors at construction sites of multi-phase infrastructure projects.  Our solar pods can:

  • Power construction with clean, renewable energy;
  • Move across the project site to adapt to changing circumstances if needed;
  • Rapidly Installed;
  • Removable after use, ready to be re-used or returned;
  • Fully re-deployable, a sustainable option. In contrast, standard solar often needs to be scrapped after removal due to handling measures;
  • Installed on rooftops or ground using a patent-protected technology;
  • Help customers achieve carbon abatement goals;
  • Help contractors power construction of various infrastructure projects, including rail, road and level-crossing removal.

Solpods are rapidly installed onto the ground or rooftop of the construction site via cranes.  They are able to be removed without distributing the integrity of the solar panels or the rooftop or landspace.

Image: Solpod Unfolding

Solpods are an ideal choice to power construction and install on buildings and locations that are at various stages of redevelopment.

Solpod Solar on Infrastructure Projects

Re-deployable solar offers customers the advantage of flexibility, suitable for various sized infrastructure projects with changing landscapes over multiple years of construction.

Solpod’s award winning solar solutions have helped power commercial buildings across the country, including the newly built Allianz Stadium in Moore Park, Sydney; Globe HQ in Port Melbourne, and Google HQ in Pyrmont, Sydney.

Our Australian Made solar pods are manufactured in Dandenong, Australia.  As the pods are prefabricated, Solpod offers a non-fuss installation, with a 100kW system typically installed in less than one day.

Image: Solpods Being Assembled

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