Rooftop Solar Installations Passes 2.5 Million in Australia

Australia has now completed 2.5 million rooftop solar installations, Renew Economy reports. This milestone figure includes a new record set for installations in July despite the Covid-19 pandemic uncertainty and disruption.

Citing analysis generated by Sunwiz, Michael Mazengarb from Renew Economy reports that the percentage of rooftop solar growth is 40% ahead compared to the same time last year.

Mazengarb writes: “As of June 2020, Australia has surprised 2.5 million rooftop solar installations, with a combined capacity of 11,837 megawatts the equivalent of around six Liddell power stations.”

The growth in rooftop solar is being seen in systems above 10 kilowatts.  Mazengarb notes: “This implies that the commercial and industrial market is increasingly representing a larger share of the rooftop solar market, with installations across shopping centres, warehouses and schools representing an attractive business investment.”

Greentech Media (GTM) has noted the rapid uptake of rooftop solar in Australia: “Australia is deploying renewables 10 times faster than the global average, with rooftop solar in the lead.”

Whilst the domestic rooftop solar market is well developed in Australia, there is room for further expansion in  the commercial rooftop solar market.  Quoting Daren Miller, CEO of The Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA), GTM reports “Rocketing residential solar adoption in Australia has helped stimulate the commercial, industrial and utility-scale markets.”

Businesses are increasingly adopting rooftop solar to help save on energy and costs.  Innovation is driving this shift and helping more businesses adopt rooftop solar.  Unlike the domestic solar market in Australia, businesses have faced a number of constraints in adopting rooftop solar:

  • Unable to commit to the length of time (15+ years) needed to pay off the solar installation;
  • Businesses seeking to redevelop their properties in the years ahead;
  • Commercial renters, who are not confident of being granted landlord approval;
  • Businesses concerned that solar would penetrate the roof sheet, voiding roof warranties.

Solpod has developed a unique solar solution that responds to these very real constraints faced by commercial renters and landlords. Solpod’s innovation is considered by industry analysts to be a ‘game changer’ for commercial and industrial rooftop solar.

Solpod developed the world’s first redeployable solar solution. Solpods are prefabricated pods of 10 panels each, lifted to rooftops via cranes and secured with Solpod’s non-penetrating mounting solution.  The solar pods are movable, able to be relocated to other sites.  Solpod’s solar systems do not penetrate the roof sheet, and when they are removed, leave the roof sheet completely intact.

Solpod’s innovation in rooftop solar is especially suitable for:

  • Commercial enterprises who need the flexibility of moving the solar arrays, due to a potential  redevelopment or building move.
  • Businesses who can only commit to rooftop solar for less than five years.  Solpod’s Rental offers flexibility to businesses without the long term commitment of a solar asset purchase.
  • Industrial tenants or landlords that would benefit from rental terms matched to property leases.
  • Industrial premises that are unable to have their roof sheets disturbed, like cool stores.
  • Businesses who need a minimum-fuss rooftop solar installation.  Solpods are efficient to install and relocate.  A 40kW solar system can be installed within only half a day, compared to standard solar installation which can take up to several weeks.
  • Businesses who prefer a short-term, low-risk commitment to solar.

Read more about Renew Economy’s article on the booming rooftop solar market in Australia here:

Solpod has high expectations that its solar solution will help more businesses benefit from rooftop solar.  Contact or +03 9089 0753 to find out more about Solpod’s solar solution.