Solar PV Energy Growth in Europe

Solar PV Energy Growth in Europe

At Solpod, we celebrate the steps taken in the global effort towards the green energy transition.  The European Union now boasts a new record, the combined total of wind and solar generated more energy that gas for the first time.

The Energy Think Tank Ember recently released its European Electricity Review for 2023.  In 2022, solar generation in the EU rose by 39TWh, an additional 24%. It summarizes the trend: “Solar’s surge is only just starting.”

In the Green reporting section of Euronews, Lottie Limb reflects on the data in the Ember report. “It’s clear that we’re in the dying days of coal.”

See the following graphic chart produced by Ember which shows wind and solar overtaking gas and coal in the EU:

Limb writes: “Through the turbulence of 2022 – from cutting ties with Russia to climate-driven drought and soaring gas prices – Europe’s clean energy transition soldiered on.”

“What we can say for sure, with all the certainty of hindsight, was that 2022 was a year of bold action – in which energy insecurity catalysed rather than derailed Europe’s electricity transition,” Limb says.

Solar Energy in the EU

The European Commission situates solar energy as key in the energy transition.  The REPowerEU plan was adopted in May 2022 by the European Commission.  The EU solar energy transition will promote solar on rooftops as one of three cornerstone initiatives to accelerate the energy transition.  The other two strategies include upskilling in solar expertise, and creating an EU Solar PV Industry Alliance.

Rooftops in Europe, including commercial rooftops, will be targeted for the development of solar:

“The initiative aims to accelerate the vast and underutilised potential of rooftops to produce clean energy. It includes a proposal to gradually introduce an obligation to install solar energy in different types of buildings over the next years, starting with new public and commercial buildings, but also residential buildings.”

Solpod Solar Innovation Developed in Australia

The solar executives that developed Solpod observed that many commercial and industrial buildings had not yet adopted solar, despite solar being cheaper than the grid. They developed the Solpod solar solution that better suited the needs of businesses and drew on decades of Australian expertise and innovative in solar PV.

Solpods are a prefabricated group of solar PV panels that are easy to install and remove.  The mounting technology is non-adhesive meaning the rooftop is not penetrated to attach the solar pods.  The pods are ideal on buildings with large, flat rooftops and are rapidly installed via cranes.

Image: Solpods being installed

As Solpods can be easily removed from the rooftop, businesses now have the option to lease the solar pods. Commercial renters can align a solar lease to their property lease.  Our award winning product is ready for more businesses to adopt, helping to reduce emissions and progress their sustainability goals.

Dave Jones, Head of Data Insights at Ember writes: “Europe is hurtling towards a clean, electrified economy, and this will be on full display in 2023. Change is coming fast, and everyone needs to be ready for it.”

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