US Coal Generation Falls

New Renewables are Cheaper than 99% of US Coal Plants 

The renewables transition continues to accelerate around the world.  In the US, dirty coal generation is on the decline.  It is now more economical to source energy from newly built renewable energy farms than from existing US coal plants.

The Coal Cost Crossover 3.0 report from Energy Innovation Policy & Technology LLC® and the University of California, Berkeley found the following:

99 percent of all U.S. coal plants (209 out of 210) are now more expensive to run than replacement by new local solar, wind, or energy storage.”

Oliver Milman from the Guardian says: “The plummeting cost of renewable energy, which has been supercharged by last year’s Inflation Reduction Act, means that it is cheaper to build an array of solar panels or a cluster of new wind turbines and connect them to the grid than it is to keep operating all of the 210 coal plants in the contiguous US, bar one, according to the study.”

US Coal Generation in Decline

The CEO and founder of Solpod, James Larratt, says: “Clean and affordable solar will power our future and help drive the renewable energy transition. This latest data shows that it makes economic sense to move away from fossil fuels.”

Eric Gimon from Forbes magazine says that US coal based energy generation has fallen to less than 20% of the US annual electricity supply, compared with more than half 20 years ago.

“This decline was initially driven by natural gas competition and energy efficiency improvements reducing electricity demand. But the acceleration of coal’s economic decline is now being driven by fast-falling clean energy prices—and smart government policy,” Gimon says.

Solpod Makes Solar PV Energy Achievable for Commercial Renters

Solpods are an award winning innovation in rooftop solar PV.  Our solar pods are prefabricated and able to be efficiently installed and redeployed.  Businesses now have the option to lease rooftop solar with Solpod, rather than committing to a longer term contract of over 25+years usually seen with standard solar.

“Our redeployable Solpods are ideal for the business who rents the building they occupy. With solar leasing, these customers are no longer excluded from cost savings with clean solar energy and these businesses can reduce their emissions,” says Mr Larratt.

Image: Solpods being Deployed

Solpods are fully Australian Made and manufactured. We have received the following awards and accolades:

2021 Start Up Energy Transition Top 100 Energy Start-Up

2020 Premier’s Design Awards Finalist, Product Design Category

2019 Most Innovative Solar Solution, Solar Cutters

2018-2020 Arena Grant Award

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