Solpod’s Rooftop Solar Installation Offers Best Practice in Safety

Solpod offers enhanced safety for the labourers involved in the construction and installation of its solar PV arrays.  Compared to standard solar, Solpod uses less labour on roofs and requires less heavy lifting.

Solpod delivers a new best practice in solar installation safety by needing fewer labourers working at heights than standard solar.  Labourers installing solar on rooftops are exposed to the hazard of working at heights, and the exposure of variable weather conditions.  

Compared to a standard solar installation, Solpod uses 80% less manual labour on rooftops. This is due to Solpod’s unique construction and installation process:

  • Solpods are solar PV arrays that are prefabricated into ‘pods’ in a quality controlled factory environment, rather than assembled on rooftops.
  • The solar pods are lifted onto rooftops via a crane and positioned onsite.

A further safety bonus with the installation of Solpod’s solar arrays, is there is no need for labour to manually lift heavy, 25kg solar panels.  Best practice safety in standard solar requires two people to lift a 25kg solar panel, however on site pressure often leads labourers to risk injury by lifting panels solo.  

The installation of Solpod’s solar arrays is ergonomic and needs much less manual manipulation on rooftops compared to standard solar.  With a standard solar installation, labourers are required to secure solar panels to roofs with a 1-meter leaning action.  This movement is awkward and comes with an increased risk of accidents and physical injury.

 In summary, Solpod offers the following enhanced safety features:  

Standard Solar Solpod
Time-consuming assemblage of bulky 25kg solar panels at heights (rooftops). Solpods are prefabricated in a safety controlled Australian factory and rapidly installed.
Workers are required to lift and manipulate heavy and large panels across roofs. The construction process has been designed so that cranes do the heavy lifting, inside the factory and on-site during delivery.   
Over-reaching and leaning is required to tighten clamps and correctly position solar panels on roofs. A minimal amount of ergonomic labour is required, as Solpods are prefabricated and craned to site.
Workers on rooftops are exposed to hazardous weather conditions. Solpod uses 80% less manual labour on rooftops, compared to standard solar.  

Our product has been reviewed by registered structural engineers and certified to comply with all applicable standards and regulations.

Your business could benefit from solar and save on power bills, find out more about Solpod’s commercial solar solution.