Solpod Solar At Woolworths Wellington

Solpod installation at Woolworths Wellington

Solpod congratulates Shell Energy, and their subcontractors, UCS Solar and Case Statewide Solar on successfully completing a Solpod rooftop solar installation on Woolworths at Wellington.  The Solpod solar system size is 100kW, and was rapidly installed in only one day.

Solpod’s redeployable solar roof products are rapidly installed via cranes, minimising disruption at site to our customers.  The 100kW Woolworth installation only took one day, compared to a standard solar installation which would take several weeks to complete.

The Woolworths Wellington Solpod solar system was laid in an East-West orientation.  An East-West orientation of solar panels is optimal for flat roofs and improving energy generation throughout the day.

James Larratt said of the Solpod Roof installation on Woolworths Wellington: “Solpod is proud that our fully Australian Made and manufactured solar pods have been installed on a Woolworths store, the largest Australian retailer.  We hope more supermarkets will continue to adopt and benefit from rooftop solar.”

Image: Solpod Solar Installation on Woolworths Wellington, NSW

Supermarkets Leading in Energy Commitments

Solpod offers praise to Woolworths in its efforts to reduce emissions and improve sustainability.  More supermarkets, including Aldi and Offerworks, are making commitments to renewable energy, including incorporation of rooftop solar.

Woolworths Group made the commitment to power its operations with 100% renewable energy by 2025, aiming for net positive carbon emissions by 2050. The CEO of Woolworths Group Bard Banducci, said

“Moving to 100 per cent renewable electricity is the right thing to do, and something a growing number of our customers, team members and shareholders expect us to lead on.”

Woolworth is Australia’s largest retailer, and takes pride in its leadership role in making the transition to sustainable and renewable operations.

Image: Woolworths Wellington Shopfront

Mr Banducci notes, “Over the coming years, we’ll invest tens of millions of dollars into renewable energy partnership and prioritise new green energy projects to spur growth in the industry and new jobs in the sector.”

Woowowrth’s sustainability aspirations are published here.

Solpod Solar on Supermarkets and Coolstores

A Solpod redeployable solar system is ideal for large, flat commercial and industrial rooftops like supermarkets.

Solpods can be installed in an East-West solar PV panel orientation, which delivers a more consistent energy generation profile.  Woolworths Wellington installed an East-West oriented Solpod solar system.

Solpod rooftop systems offer a number of benefits to our customers:

– Solpod is ideal for food manufacturing warehouses and coolstores.  Solpod is currently the only method for installing solar on pre-insulated roof sheets without penetrating the roof.

– Solpods are prefabricated, reducing time assembling the solar systems on roofs. Solpods are efficient to install and remove, minimising disruption;

– As the pods are redeployable, Solpod is able to offer rental, see Solpod Rental.

– Solpods are fully Australian Made, manufactured in a warehouse in Dandenong, Melbourne.

To find out more about Solpod’s redeployable solar pods or other solar products on offer, please contact or call +03 9089 0753.