The Versatile Solpod Mini

About Solpod Mini 

The Solpod Mini product series is Solpod’s rail-based rooftop solar solution.  Smaller than our larger redeployable solar pods, the Solpod Mini is suitable for a wide range of rooftops.

To help our customers understand more about this versatile product, Dr Jeremy Lawrence, Solpod’s Engineering Manager, has prepared demonstration videos.  Watch the introductory video here:

Dr Jeremy Lawrence, says: “The Solpod Mini product range is suitable for smaller, more obstructed or more complex roofs.”

Dr Lawrence, Engineering Manager, Solpod 

Dr Lawrence says: “Solpod Mini can be assembled in any of three configurations.  Flush, north or east-west. In all cases, the frame is built around the Solpod channel, which is fixed to the roof.”  Only three brackets are used for all three configurations.

East West Orientation

The Solpod Mini is ideal for an east west orientated solar rooftop installation.  An east-west orientation of solar panels helps optimise energy generation during the day.  Although a north facing rooftop solar system generates more electricity in total, the energy generation is concentrated to the middle of the day.

In an east-west orientation, half the panels face east and half the panels face west.  The energy generated from an east-west system results in a more consistent energy generation profile through the day, which can better reflect how customers use energy.

The below shows an east-west oriented Solpod Mini installation, with a ‘concertina’ visual profile:

Image: East West Oriented Solpod Mini Rooftop Solar Installation 

Australia’s Only Australian Made Solar Mounting System

Solpod was founded in 2017 by a team of solar executives.   One of Solpod’s innovations is the Solpod Mini design, a solar rooftop mounting solution that is multi-functional.

James Larratt, CEO and Founder of Solpod said: “We set ourselves the goal of manufacturing in Australia the best assembled on-the-roof solar mounting solution.”

The Solpod Mini is also proudly Australian Made and manufactured.  Solpod Pty Ltd is currently the only Australian manufacturer of solar rooftop mounting solutions.  Supporting Australian Made, helps the Australian solar industry create jobs and build on the strength of Australia’s solar expertise.

Mr Larratt said to AuManufacturing Magazine, about Australia’s world leading solar PV research: “It’s developed a whole cohort of people that are now leaders in what in Australia is a two billion dollar-plus industry.”

Brent Balinksi in AuManufacturing magazine, said: “Clean energy is an area of strength for the nation, and recognised by the federal government as one of a half-dozen National Manufacturing Priorities.”

The Minis are manufactured in Dandenong, part of the South Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne, an area well regarded for its manufacturing.  Read more about Solpod’s Australian manufacturing here.

SEMMA is the South East Melbourne Manufacturers Alliance.  Members of SEMMA are from suburbs including Dandenong, Dandenong South, Dandenong North, Springvale, Mulgrave, Moorabbin, Burwood, Hallam, Bayswater, Scoresby, Kilsyth, Mount Waverly, Braeside, Dingley Village, Keysborough, Highett, Mordialloc, Berwick, Officer, Narre Warren, Seaford, Clayton, Carrum Downs, Wheelers Hill, Frankston, Langwarrin and Oakleigh South.

Solpod is proud to support Australian innovation and industry.  To find out more about our solar products on offer, please contact or call +03 9089 0753.

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