Victorian Government Operations to be Powered by 100% Renewables by 2025

Victoria’s Target to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 50% by 2030

Solpod welcomes the official announcement by the Victorian Government to reduce the state’s greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by 2030.  As part of the State’s Climate Change Strategy, Victoria’s target is to source 50% of its energy from renewables by 2030.

All Victorian Government operations will be fully powered by renewable electricity, including solar, by 2025.  Schools, government buildings and metro trains will be 100% renewable energy powered by 2025.

The Victorian Government announced a 1.6 billion dollar investment in renewables.  This represents the largest investment by any Australian State government in the transition to renewables.  Small businesses will also benefit, with rebates provided to 15,000 small businesses for solar panels, as part of a new ‘Solar for Business’ program.

James Larratt, CEO and Founder of Solpod, says “Solpod welcomes the announcement of increased government investment in renewables and the setting of targets to reduce greenhouse emissions. We hope that other States will take Victoria’s lead.”

Victorian Climate Change Strategy

The Climate Change Strategy recognises that investment in renewables will help create jobs and assist in economic recovery.  Australia has extensive experience and research in solar, with innovation providing future growth in the industry.  Victoria currently hosts 30 per cent of solar energy jobs in Australia.

Victoria’s Acting Premier, James Merlino, said: “With strong action on climate change, we can position Victoria as a global leader – advancing new technology, ground-breaking innovation and driving the creation of new jobs for Victorians.”

The Victorian Climate Change Strategy also stated:

“Our plentiful renewable energy resources and highly-skilled workforce will attract investment and new industries to the state and create new export opportunities. This will give Victoria an edge in the zero-emissions future, with new industries – some we can’t even imagine yet – supporting jobs growth in the decades ahead.”

Solpod is proud to be represented as an Australian company providing innovation to the community in solar products and finance. In 2019, Solpod was awarded Most Innovative Solar Solution by Solar Cutters.

Solpod’s innovation includes our modular solar pods, that can be relocated and rented through Solpod Rental. Solpod is a Finalist in the Premier’s Design Awards. Solpods are fully Australian Made and manufactured.

Image: Installation of Solpod’s modular pods

The Victorian Government considers itself a leader in setting climate change targets:

“Victoria is already taking world-leading action to prevent the worst impacts of climate change, as the first Australian state and one of the first jurisdictions in the world to legislate net zero emissions by 2050, with five-yearly targets to make sure we get there.”

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