3 Million + Rooftop Solar Systems Installed in Australia

More than 3 Million Rooftop Solar Systems Installed in Australia

Australia has installed 3.27 million solar PV systems with a combined capacity of 28.2 gigawatts as of September 2022, reported the Australian PV Institute.   These three million rooftop solar systems have been installed on 1 in 4 houses and many commercial buildings across Australia.

The milestone of 3 million solar systems installed was reached in late 2021, reducing Australia’s emissions by 17.7 million tonnes in 2021.  The Clean Energy Regulator reported: “This milestone highlights that the solar PV sector is going from strength to strength and has recorded 30% growth year on year from 2017 to 2020.”   

Solpod is proud to be part of the momentum of rooftop solar installations in Australia.  We are helping commercial businesses save on emissions and costs through Solpod Rental.   Our relocatable solar pods are rapidly installed via a crane, and ideal for buildings with large, flat rooftops.

Image: Solpods being installed

Solpod’s solar products were developed through the success and innovation represented in the success of the Australian solar industry.  Solpods have been installed around Australia including at Woolworths Wellington NSW, GPT’s Quad 1 Site at Sydney Olympic Park  and Google Australia’s Headquarters at GPT’s Workplace 6 Building in Pyrmont, Sydney.

Commercial Rooftop Solar

Australia leads the world in the uptake of rooftop solar. The climate change think tank Ember found that solar represented 12% of Australia’s electricity production in 2021.  Yet commercial rooftop solar is lagging the Australian domestic solar market with many businesses having not yet adopted solar.

Businesses who rent their premises have been unable to commit to long-term rooftop solar arrangements, usually 20-25 years required of a standard solar system. With Solpod Rental, Solpod has now made it easier for businesses to align rooftop solar with their property leases.

Solpod Rental means businesses can now rent pods for 3-5 year years.  Our solar pods are not fixed to the roof, and can be removed easily after a lease without disturbing the roof sheet.  A standard 100KW system can be installed in less than one day.  See the following demonstration video:

Solpod Solar Solutions

The Solpod team developed relocatable solar pods for commercial and industrial rooftops in 2018 and have been installed on a range of buildings across Australia.  Renters and businesses who can only commit to rooftop solar for a short timeframe are now able to reduce their emissions and save on electricity bills.

Solpod’s solar products better serves the needs of businesses.

Solpods are Australian Made and manufactured.  Find out more about our redeployable solar pods by emailing info@solpod.com.au or call +03 9089 0753.