Unlock the Energy Saving Potential of Your Commercial Rooftop with Solpod Rental

Install Solpods on Your Rooftop to Reduce Energy Costs

The rooftop space on the building your business occupies could be used to save energy and money.  Building owners and commercial renters can now both benefit from commercial rooftop solar PV leasing, through Solpod Rental.  Our solar pods help business become more sustainable, with our customers benefiting from real savings at a time of rising electricity costs.

One such business that is saving money on the cost of electricity is Bentspoke Brewery Co in Braddon, Canberra.  They chose Solpod Rental with a total of 148kW of rooftop solar. The entire rooftop solar system was installed in a single day.

Using clean, renewable energy means reduced electricity bills and reduced carbon emissions.  Rich Watkins, Owner and Head Brewer of Bentspoke Brewery says that installing solar is furthering Bentspoke’s sustainability program:

“Solar is really important for making beer.  Making beer is about using beautiful, natural ingredients. Sustainability is about that biosphere, connecting with human civilisation and everyone working together… This is a start for us to give back to the biosphere and reduce our carbon footbprint.”


Solar Pods Are Not Permanent Fixtures

Our uniquely designed solar pods better serve the needs of our customers.   The solar pods were developed by a team of experienced Australian solar executives. They found many businesses were not adopting solar because they operated on short-term planning cycles of between 5 and 7 years, rather than the 20 to 25+ year commitment required of standard solar.

Solpods are unlike standard solar.  The pods are a prefabricated grouping of 10 solar PV panels.  Each pod is rapidly installed via a crane and fixed to the roof using a non-adhesive technology.  If needed, the solar pods are able to be securely removed and redeployed, without distributing the roof sheet or the panels.

In contrast, standard rooftop solar is fixed to the roof using thousands of metal bolts and screws.  Our redeployable solar pods have added a new flexibility to commercial solar, with our customers benefiting from Solpod Rental and a shorter-term commitment of only a few years.

Solopd Rental Makes Adopting Rooftop Solar Easier

Our simplified rooftop solar rental means adopting solar is easier.  Solpod Rental suits the commercial building owner or renter that until now, has been unable to install standard solar due to the lengthy time commitment required.  Instead, Solpod Rental aligns to your property lease and short-term contracts of between 3-5 years are available.

Our pods do not put holes in the roof to secure them in place.  Solpods are non-penetrating to the roof sheet, meaning they can be relocated between buildings if required.

Our clients appreciate how quickly a Solpod rooftop solar system is installed.  Watch the below installation at Bentspoke Brewery Co, where the 148kW Solpod system was installed in only one day:

Solpods are fully Australian Made and manufactured.  To find out more about Solpod’s rapid install solar pods or other solar products on offer, please contact info@solpod.com.au or call +03 9089 0753.