Commercial Renters Can Save with Relocatable Rooftop Solar

Innovations in solar are enabling more customers to save on electricity and meet their sustainability goals.  Solpod has developed relocatable commercial and industrial rooftop solar, allowing commercial renters to benefit for the first time from rooftop solar through a simple, short-term rental.

Up until now, tenants or landlords have had to take a long term view of 15+ years to see the commercial returns from rooftop solar.  Whilst rooftop solar may be cheaper than the grid, this assumes a 15-20 year operating period of the solar system, which may be appropriate for the technology but not the customer.

Fifteen years is too long a time frame for many businesses to consider solar.  Businesses that are renting may only be located at the building site for less than 5 years.  C&I landlords may also doubt whether the solar arrays will be appropriately valued when renting or selling the property.

To address these real barriers that prevented businesses from adopting rooftop solar, Solpod developed the world’s first redeployable commercial solar system.   Solpod’s solar systems are moveable, making commercial rooftop solar leasing available for the first time.   Businesses can benefit from cheaper power bills with short-term leasing through Solpod Rental.

Solpod’s innovative solar ‘pods’ are a grouping of 10 solar PV panels.  The pods are assembled into an A-frame shape that unfolds and folds at installation and removal. The solar pods are prefabricated in a quality controlled factory setting.  The solar pods do not penetrate the roof sheet.   Solpod’s innovative adhesive fixtures means that the solar pods are removed with ease without any roof disturbance.

The modular solar arrays are perfectly suited for large rooftops.  A  large 100kW solar system can be efficiently installed via a crane within only one day, compared to a standard solar installation which may take several weeks.

Solpod received a grant from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) to help demonstrate and commercialise Solpod’s solar innovation.  ARENA’s CEO Darren Miller, said, “Solpod’s new way of installing solar will pave the way for businesses who were previously locked out of rooftop solar to take up renewable energy solutions and options under shorter term power purchase agreements.”

Miller said of Solpod: “This Australian start up will help to accelerate solar PV innovation and allows for renewable energy alternatives in niche markets, providing a cost-competitive alternative to standard methods of fixed mounting for delivering rooftop grid connected solar PV.”  Read more about ARENA’s program of support for Solpod:

Solpod’s redeployable, modular solar systems are rentable to businesses through short-term, flexible leases starting from only one year.  C&I landlords and tenants can benefit from cheaper power bills and reduced emissions with Solpod’s Rental:

Commercial & Industrial Tenants

  • C&I Tenants can benefit from cheaper power bills matched to their lease.
  • Solpods can be rented for 1-5 years. It is no longer necessary to have longer terms than the lease.
  • Solpods do not pierce the roof sheet, unlike many competitive products.  This means at the end of a lease, the Solpods can be removed without any impact to the roof.
  • Businesses can benefit from rooftop solar rental for the first time.

Commercial & Industrial Landlords

  • Landlords can offer tenants the benefits of solar. Cost savings that would have otherwise only been realised from a long-term solar purchase, can now be offered via Solpod’s short term solar contracts.
  • Solpods are efficiently installed and removed.  A 40kW system can be installed in half a day, a 100kW system within one day.
  • Unlike standard solar, rental terms are not required to fully pay off the array.
  • Solpod’s solar helps meet corporate sustainability goals.

Solpod’s redeployable solar is a completely new approach to rooftop solar that helps businesses reduce their power bills.

Solpod offers flexible and attractive terms:

  • No minimum term rental when customers pay an install fee;
  • Payback on install fees for customers, typically within 2 years;
  • Savings on energy rates may be 50% or more;
  • Flexible, easy to exit terms;
  • Shorter terms than standard solar, at the same rates.

To find out more about Solpod’s solar solution and Rental, contact or call +03 9089 0753.